By hatemyboss - 13/04/2012 00:37 - United States - Alameda

Today, I asked my boss if I could have a bigger cubicle. I'm now working in one that is half the size of my old one. FML
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._. what an asshole.

Better not ask for a raise!


Sooo... Half the size?

blackheart24 10

It's not the size that matters. It's what you do with it ;)

It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean. ;D

ThisIsMyReign 4

17 - But, it takes forever to get to England in a row boat.

LoveMay 10

Just prooves to show size does matter!

RedMosquito 4


mischiefkel 17

Proves* not prooves...

X_Codes 11

Is it half the perimeter, or half the area?

tjv3 10

You need to watch the movie Office Space learn from it young grasshopper

67 - does it matter?.. Point is that it's still a smaller space

I want to eat ur picture :D

._. what an asshole.

Yeah that's for sure. I think it's time to invade your bosses office! But no seriously work really hard and ask why he did it instead of just saying no.

32 - One does not simply keep on using this meme.

Gloritank 8

Apparently that one does.

Next time work harder to show you deserve it.

IphonFML 6

Next time, we eat the comment!

assuming that they do work hard, they probably deserve a bigger cubicle

If the OP worked hard, the boss wouldn't go out of his way to give him/her the exact opposite of what he/she asked for.

16 - Just because the boss didn't give the OP what they'd requested, it doesn't automatically mean that they're not a hard worker. The boss seems like an immature douchebag for putting the OP in an even smaller cubicle. A simple 'no' would have sufficed.

16- in business, it's not always so clear-cut. Working hard doesn't always get acknowledged. Some bosses are just douchebags on a power trip and sometimes your coworkers will stab you in the back for a promotion, especially the ones who slack.

And sometimes the bosses are good people and the workers are lazy asses who always beg for stuff they don't deserve. Mah bad for taking it differently.

While you all (mostly) have good points, I voted FYL simply due to the fact that OP works in a fucking cubicle, period.

TarieBoo 2

no more room for family photos now...

Better not ask for a raise!

Ask for a smaller cubicle and a massive pay cut. Should turn out ok...

Hahaha your boss just trolled you

Good news! Um.. Nah, I got nothing. Oh! Now you...nope sorry. Still nothing. :/ Okay, I have it, for real. Now you don't have room for people to come bother you! Privacy at last!

Or they still come bother you ANNND you have to endure them standing awkwardly close to you hahaha.

OP should get a miniature cactus to warn off approaching co-workers.

NoisyNykkii 10

Bigger doesn't always mean better these days...

mischiefkel 17

Your picture....perfect for your comment. I love it when that happens :D

It is all about materialism. Every one wants a bigger size. Tv's, cars, houses, tits, pools, asses, gardens, dicks, bathtubs. Heck people themselves even get fat!

NoisyNykkii 10

54- I never noticed that......... Well now this is awkward...

Lesson learned; don't ask for anything.

AnimalLover1031 8

And what lesson was that excatly?

Gloritank 8

The one where you don't ask for anything.

ajourdhui 0

omg thought of the Incredibles (:

Bob parr in that tiny lil cubicle....