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  greenltrn2003  |  0 gonna need you to go ahead and not complain about this. Oh and if you can go ahead and sit at the kids table that would be greaaaaaat....

(double reference...I WIN!)

By  jchansfan  |  0

It could be coincidence, no need to jump the gun... lol... Like posting this is fine, but i wouldn't confront him or anything, that could end badly... lol...

By  alwaysalady  |  0

I used to have a desk by the window and I could see the squirrels and they were married but now you move my desk and i said if they moved my desk one more time i would have to burn the building down. I beleive you have my stapler....

By  gusto5  |  1

Maybe you're too sexually stimulating for him to handle. Since he's a family man, he's avoiding the possibility of an affair.

Also, you have my pack of clips.