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Today, I called Costco to ask them not to renew my membership because of financial problems. The man on the phone spent 30 minutes telling me why I'm a fool to leave and I ended up with a renewed $55 membership and 25 minutes over my minute allowance. FML
TKay916 tells us more :
Actually it is. I received a notice in the mail 2 weeks ago saying they'll renew my membership on the 25th and then bill me.
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  DevinY1  |  15

38, even if they do call, you still have the option of not renewing, it's like 2 said, it's not an automatic renewal. I know this since I work for them.

  boots73  |  2

Used to work there in marketing and membership. I cannot recall automatically renewing any memberships. They were sent reminders in the mail and if it wasn't paid it wasn't renewed.

  OhDearBetrayal  |  25

39- Testosterone production gives you the ability to have nice big menacing muscles. Unfortunately, a vagina only gives you a hole to fill and a tiny fragile pink baby to pop out after said hole has been filled.

  Pleonasm  |  34

"I can't renew my membership... I can't... I.. *Bursts into tears* Fne I'll take the membership! But this is the last time, you hear me? *Sniff*
Telemarketer on other end: *Moans and climaxes* "Uuagghhhhh* "Uh, yea, you take your time with that. See you soon!"

By  perdix  |  29

You are a fool! You could be having free lunch every Saturday and Sunday. I bring two disguises to Costco so I can hit every sample booth three times.

You just need some mentoring from a Costco Genius.

  perdix  |  29

Really? I didn't know that because I have a job.

I think I'll buy a few more disguises and start taking my lunch breaks there! Don't get too excited if you hear of Elvis sightings in the Florida Costcos -- it's just ol' perdix getting "free*" lunch.

*I do pay the membership fee, ergo, for lunch, too ;)

  anne1_fml  |  13

I worked as a "demo girl" you would be surprised how many people come in just for samples or just for "free lunch" that's what I ate everyday I worked free lunch on SAMs Club demo girls ;)