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Today, my dog managed to pull a one-pound package of raw bacon out and eat the entire package including the cardboard. The vets cheered when they finally got him to puke up the entire, unchewed package of bacon. FML
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Kovu_fml tells us more.

He wasn't in pain. He inhales everything he eats. He as thyroid issues so hes not allowed to eat alot so poor baby is always trying to steal food. :(

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I guess you could say.... Tensions were getting raw......

Fmessiah, I don't care that you've insulted Americans, but you MAY NOT insult bacon. I'm afraid I must challenge you to a duel. To the death.


I guess you could say.... Tensions were getting raw......

make him buy you a new one or tell him he has to move out

Yeah, I can see how that conversation would go. "Buy me a new bacon, dog!" "*wags tail*"

more like "buy me a new bacon, Dawg!" *chest bump

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Dr. is there anyway you can save the bacon no I'm sorry sir but we did manage to make your dog puke it up.*owner cries" why god it was so young and had never even know what it was like to be eaten with friends like mc eggins or general grits

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The things bacon can make animals do...

I wonder what breed or how big the dog was to get the package down, cardboard included, without chewing!

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why weren't you cheering as well? wouldn't you be happy that your dog is safe and out of harms way with the bacon package out of their mouth? ..unless you put it there in the first place D:< nobody is innocent until proven guilty!

41 not a very smart one if he didn't realize ripping open the packet and eating only the bacon would have got him a tasty treat and no vet induced vomiting...

He tore it apart but didn't chew it. Even if he had taken the time to chew, he still would have had to go to the emergency vet. The Bacon was in the sink in the back under a he got it...we have no idea. he's too big to get onto the counter to grab it

Is that him in your picture? What a cutie!

Yes, that's him! His name is Jake. ;]

Film it. Send it over to Epic Meal Time. Smart. Cause 'em bitches love bacon.

I can imagine what vets said. "Huzzah!" "Now that he vomited the package, who wants bacon?" *All vets in the room laugh then freeze-frame*

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Of course! Nothing is healthier than regurgitated breakfast, especially if it's bacon!

I mean, it was unchewed. I'm sure it's perfectly safe.

I've seen what American's call bacon, and I don't think being swallowed whole and regurgitated will change that..

Well, the "bacon" was probably wrapped, so no worries. Safe sex, um, safe bacon.

Fmessiah, I don't care that you've insulted Americans, but you MAY NOT insult bacon. I'm afraid I must challenge you to a duel. To the death.

I wasn't insulting American's. You tube American Bacon vs Australian Bacon, you miss the best bit O.o

Bacon is different in many countries Doc. That was in no way offensive

God forbid somebody mention Americans when doc bastards around!

Jesus Christ on a snowmobile, it was a joke, people. Go do some yoga or realign your chi or something.

51 i think its more about bacon than americans

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It's okay, Doc. I got the joke. :)

I will continue to enjoy my 'bacon' while you guys eat that 'stuff'.

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I mean there's no point in wasting perfectly good bacon right? Haha jk that's really nasty... XP

Clearly he loves bacon more than epic meal time! Awesome dog!

At least the poor dog threw it up and the whole package didn't have to make its way through his digestive tract.

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Vet tech by tradehere, damn straight we'd cheer! NO-body wants to surgically remove a pound of bacon : ) Wouldn't be the worst thing I'd ever seen surgically removed from a dog's stomach. 25 lbs of roadkill deer, including the entire intact tongue, gets that honor. Second place goes to the full-size bath towel, in one piece with no holes, swallowed by a Shepherd.

Try Regurgitated Bacon! Twice the taste, none of the calories!

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You totally got that from the bulimia picture.

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