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Today, it's my mom's birthday. Got the perfect gift, the perfect card and of course the perfect cake. Well, it was the perfect cake until my dog's ass crushed it. FML
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Hello OP here, So, basically this is what happened: As my dad is a pastor, we attend church as a family. I special ordered the cake and decided to pick it up, Sunday morning before going to church. The plan was to drop the cake off at my sisters house along with our two german shepherds since dogs aren't allowed in my church and I didn't want to leave them in my truck for health and safety reasons. So I picked up the cake, put both of the dogs in the back and placed the cake on the passenger seat. Halfway to my sister's house, it starts to get hot in the truck, so I rolled down the passenger window and of course what does every dog in the planet want to do if there's an open window? Stick his head out of the window. Afraid that he would jump out, I commanded him to "stop and sit and needless to say, as thankful I am that the cake was in a box, there was an obvious inevitable depression in it. Mom was too busy to notice since I bought her a kayak and a beautiful card. But lesson well learned. Thank you for the birthday wishes, and take care!


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Explain to her what happened ( hope you also took pictures as an evidence ) and hopefully she will understand! . It is the thought that counts.

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Yeah. It's for your mom, I'm sure she'll understand and appreciate the thought :)

I think he should have just a bought a cake.

Can you explain to us what happened to us as well? I'm very curious to hear how exactly your dog's ass met with the cake.

I'm wondering that, too. was the cake on the floor? how would your dog get to it to sit on it?

That has to be a "very agile" dog since he sat on top of the table. LOL

Well, at least OP still has the perfect gift and the perfect card!

Ah man that really sucks, if there is time before her birthday maybe rush to a store and buy one there? But I'm sure if you didn't get a cake for her she would understand and be happy with what you still have left to give her. Tell her I said happy birthday :).

"Hey mom! Sorry, the dog sat on your cake. By the way, some stranger online says happy birthday."

Wow so when people write fmls on here talking about their horrible birthdays its ok for online strangers to say happy birthday to them? It's the same thing man.

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Why was the cake left in a place where your dog's ass could crush it..?

You'd be surprised at how few places exist where a dog can't get its ass on it.

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That being said and considered, why wouldn't OP put a little more effort into protecting the cake before the time of presenting it? Especially if he knew that his dog could possibly get to it before then.

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Well, sometimes I guess it could just slip your mind. I can recall a few times I've lost a sandwich because for some reason or another I forgot how fast my dog was able to get on top of a table.

Yes I spent the whole day on a mission to buy and cook a bacon wrap steak. When it was finally on my plate I left it for a minute to get something. Came back to my dog finishing her last bite. I literally cried.

That's an unborn FML all by itself there #28.

So you left the cake on the floor and you're surprised something bad happened to it? YDI

You don't know where op left the cake. It doesn't HAVE to be on the floor for the dog to sit on it

my dog clambers onto our table and stares out the window. maybe the cake was on a table man. or in the passenger seat of a car. or on top of the ****** moon. we dont know

Where did you get the idea of it being on the floor? Just because it was damaged does not necessarily mean it was on the floor!

Because its alot more plausible for a dog to sit on a floor-cake, then to climb a table just to sit on the cake.

Yeah, that is more plausible. But it's even more plausible for OP to put it on a table then to put it on the floor.

#7- Don't you think if Op kept the cake on the floor the dog would try to eat it rather than sit on it, or may be its just my dog who sniffs something, then licks and if it's good enough, then probably eat it. Op I would really like to know how did the dog sit on the cake. Anyways fyl though and I hope your mom liked all the other things.

I'm sure she'll still love that you got her all those things! Maybe it'll be something you two can laugh at later ^^! Happy birthday to your mom!

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Maybe you could spring for a box of cupcakes?

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I'm sure you mom will still appreciate everything you did for her.