By Cyberella - 17/07/2009 05:36 - Australia

Today, at my sister's engagement party, my cousins thought it would be funny to get my nanna drunk. They regretted it when she told them, and everyone else at the party about her sex life and how she fakes orgasms with my grandpa. FML
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Darth_Taco 14 least you learned to not get her drunk again :D.


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64- Yea those damn Americans from Australia. You do know that it says where OP is from, yes? Don't just assume Someone's American because they act wild or moronic.

Darth_Taco 14 least you learned to not get her drunk again :D.

Why? This is awesome... not for her grandkids, but for everybody else in the room! I wouldnt be able to stop laughing at an old lady ranting about stuff like this. measure life by love or laughter, not pride

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How is this ur FML? But this is quite sick?

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It's her FML because she and all her relatives (including gramps!) had to listen about her sex life.

if it was her idea to get her nanna drunk, then i agree its her FML.

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It's still her FML. YLIF. If it had been her idea, or she'd partaken, it would be a YDI.

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Eh. Not buying it as her FML. **** her sister's life... or her Nana's.

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Hahaha. Go Granny for still getting some. Although it is a shame that after all these years your Grandpa still doesn't know how to please her.

That's just plain gross. Some things you just don't wanna know.. And this is definitely high on that list.

Lol. You have an awesome nanna right there.