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  _streets_  |  19

10 I think the op is a guy because it said that they screamed like a little girl, which I don't think would matter if it were a woman who posted this....

but either way that's kind fuckin gross :/

  LoriBrooke  |  0

u need a reality check. I'm in the navy, as a gunners mate and could prolly out shoot you on any gun you hand me. let's see you go on an 8 to 12 month deployment fighting against pirates in the Persian gulf and deal with all the crap in the middle east. I doubt you could deal with one week on a ship. sounds to me like u are the little girl.

  BehindTheSun  |  2

Guess who's over sensitive.... Personally, I think the Marines beat the Navy's ass, but that doesn't mean I appreciate the Navy any less. Besides, who the hell WOULDN'T want to go on a pirate hunt all day long?

  nabo4u  |  0

ydi for being in the navy. you were probably dresses in your faggety white uniform, and he figured that you'd like it. become a real man and join the army. go airborne too

  HeroOfMi  |  0

I lol'd at all the people making fun of the navy who haven't done anything for their country. telling people to "be a real man and join the army" when they haven't done shit, themselves. I'm with 32, I'd like to see any of you last a week in the navy XD i'll admit, I couldn't do it :p


33-I agree with you on the Marines beating the Navy's asses. lol But, like you, I appreciate the Navy. And I'm only saying this cause my brother is in the Marines. They do some crazy shit.

  ninjacapo  |  2

any of u guys talkin shit about anybody in the military think about this. they fight and millions die for ur freedom. so that u can live out ur pathetic life as a consumer they r the reason u are safe at night. the reason nobody breaks into ur house, rapes ur children, and slits your throat. im not in the military. but i know people who are. if u wouldnt say it to their face, dont talk shit about them on the internet (tht they fight for)

  monnanon  |  13

@82 I think you'll find that raping, killing and breaking into houses happens quite a lot despite the fighting the armed forces are doing. They do not fight for the internet or our consumer culture they fight where they are told to fight which at the moment is overseas.
Dont get me wrong I think that people who choose to be in the armed forces are very brave but don't dress it up like they are protecting us from imminent invasion.

  Palmless  |  0

That's what happens when you casually sit at bars.
I could've sworn everyone knew a toothless biker would try to kiss you, if sat anywhere casually with them around.

  foREVerA7X  |  0

#31 anybody that gives there life for their country is a lot more of a Man/Women then you ever will be. Give a little respect to the people that actually have the balls to join the military.

  twinny_sc  |  13

82 lol I understand that you were trying to defend the armed forces but you failed immensely. They do not protect against rapist and murderers. They do on the other hand protect from foreign invasion and for us to live freely. Do some research kid.

  VvCJHvV  |  6

Okay that is pretty freaky.

Thank you fellow Sailor for serving for our country. I guess even drunk gay bikers want to share their appreciation lol. I sure hope non try that on me when I'm in.

For all of you that bad mouth the military, obviously haven't been in nor truely understand what it's like. I don't purely speak from experience, but soon I can, and I've had plenty of family and friends who have served. Neither force is better than another, and all should be congratulated for what they do. We may not be fighting against rape, burglary, or anything domestic, but we fight for Democracy, peace, and certainly the protection of our country and loved ones.

  Ludii_fml  |  0

yeah if i were a muscled navy man i woulda punched him in the face or kicked him in the nuts. but not scream. i'm a girl and even i woulda just run away geez

  Chrisskiies  |  0

I doubt it, Op said they are a sailor in the navy so that would mean their reflex should still be good. Op could be a girl, but ashamed that all that money the government spent on training her to endure worse conditions were for naught.