By Anonymous - 15/06/2013 17:22 - United States - Seattle

Today, at a family reunion, my visibly drunk grandparents heard about my new boyfriend, who is a cop. My gran asked if he ever made me feel like Rodney King in the bedroom. Then my grandpa, fresh off a DUI, asked if my boyfriend's dick is as bent as the police force. FML
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The Long Arm of the Law bends many ways.

Granny and grandpa are still rebels fighting 'the man.'


Well, does he make you feel like Rodney King in the bedroom?

Ahahahaha!!! That sounds like an amazing reunion! Are you sure you weren't in the middle of a romantic comedy?

pinguino3669_fml 23

I can't imagine what your next encounter with your boyfriend and family will be like!

At least they didn't ask for details. Or worse.. Give you "bedroom advice".

Boomin granny good and plenty.

tylermt1999 17

The south will rise again

Look at the bright side , your boyfriend wasn't present. That would make it a lot worse.

challan 19

Tell Grams that's tomorrow night. Tonight is a cavity search role play while covered in donut glaze.

TwinkleToes7 15

Haha that's cute :)!

*Gasp* How dare the police arrest someone for committing a crime!

on that note, why do criminals like to shove the blame on everyone else?

knotcool 15

I imagine it's their way of coping with the fact that they made the wrong choice, and got caught.

RedPillSucks 31

I don't think it was the arrest, but the fact that they beat the crap out of him when he wasn't resisting.