By Anonymous - 19/01/2011 01:51 - Australia

Today, I found out that since no other procedures are working, I was required to stop eating, and drink a bunch of foul tasting 'goo', which will in turn give me constant diarrhea. This will then prepare me nicely for the long tube with a camera on the end of which will be shoved up my rectum. FML
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People get colonoscopies all of the time. Big deal.

FYLDeep 25

When doctors get to the bottom of things, they quite literally get to the bottom of them.


I_R_Genius 3

Those aren't sp bad, I've had a few in my days. You'll just be put under and be done in 15-20 minutes OP. Damn that does suck that, that shit tastes so horrible.

giantsfan2010 23

^You just contradicted yourself, is it bad or not?

I think he meant to say the process isn't that bad, but the goo tastes awful.

The procedure itself isn't bad. The part that is awful is drinking a gallon of nauseating liquid laxatives and peeing out your butt for 13 plus hours.

Haha, I've peed out my butt before. But my laxative was this awesome, extremely sour lemon juice-like drink. The drink was fabulous. The diarrhea that the drink was meant to induce, however, was quite... painful. I felt like I had been raped, to say the least. But that drink was pretty good :D Oh yeah, and instead of a camera being shoved up my butt, it was a lubed up, latex gloved finger. So on top of ******** out a hurricane, I was butt raped by the doctor's finger. I win for worst issue :)

VertigoSD 0

They gave me the sour lemon laxative also. Plus, instead of the "goo" the gave me powder to mix with Gatorade. Altogether it's not that bad, and I had one in my throat and butt.

Oh those are always fun. I've had about 15 in my lifetime. It's not that bad! The prep itself sucks but the procedure is easy, unless you hemorrhage. The prep and aftermath are the worst part.

perstephane 4

I had a friend in college who had a theory about that - he said that's why girls bleed. Because they don't poop. If, he said, he didn't poop, he'd bleed too.

... You can't be serious. Or else he wasn't serious. If you're both serious, then I fear for humanity's intelligence. -IMP ;) :)

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Apparently the OP drank a bunch of birds who were tasting some goo.

I have to get them done every 3 years. I'm 17 and have had to do that since I was 11. Crohn's Disease. Grow a pair OP. Indeed they suck, but come on

Narelon 12

Unfortunately, I've had to have this done before. Except I was just given a tablet to dissolve into water, it had the exact same consistency and tasted slightly sweet, so I guess I was lucky. the side effects, not so much.

FYLDeep 25

When doctors get to the bottom of things, they quite literally get to the bottom of them.

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Your description is way overblown compared to what it is: a barium treatment before a colonoscopy. Big deal. YDI for being a baby about a basic medical procedure.

have you had one? because the prep is horrific, and the procedure is not enjoyable. (from both nurse and patient perspective!)

EmDizzle2007 28

if you think that's horrific, the medical field ain't for you.

Sounds like a regular colonoscopy that many people get, just sucks that its your turn.

Everyone will get them at some point in their life. It's a routine, and often life-saving procedure. And it's not even that bad, my dad had one a few months ago. I'd say the procedure he had today, having a camera snaked from his groin to his brain to shoot dye and take video was MUCH worse and MUCH more painful. Have that done and we can talk.

I had a colonoscopy when I was thirteen and one of my best friends did when he was 8. Bite me. Stop being a whiner.

sounds like you are drinking bowel prep for a colonoscopy. I'm sure your md explained it and you are being a drama queen for no reasons. tons of ppl over the age of 80 get it done everyday all over the world. stop being such a woos!!

actually it's over 50 years of age in my part of the world.. just had my first one last month :S . Yeah, not a lot of fun, but really not that big a deal either. Suck it up, OP.

it depends. Since colon cancer runs in my family I'll be starting at 30 (soon) and then every 5 years after I'm 40. My brother had his first at 15 and will have one every 5 yrs starting at 25.