By YayItsYasmine - 14/08/2013 16:48 - Austria - Trebesing

Today, I received a lemon in a box in the mail. I didn't know from who it was, nor how he or she knows my address. There was a note on it: "When life gives you lemons, date me." FML
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Hey! I got another lemon in a box today, with the same note. But this time, the "Date me" was in caps and there was drawn a smiley on the lemon. I'm kinda getting creeped out, and i still haven't figured out who made it.

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cottoncandymango 17

Hey, free lemons! Make lemonade. :)


cottoncandymango 17

Hey, free lemons! Make lemonade. :)

then000bster 16

Dating a lemon isn't too bad (: just pucker up and kiss it.

She should make lemonade and send it to the person who sent them the lemon and write "When you give me lemons, I make you lemonade ;]"

When life gives you melons, you're probably dyslexic.

For a second I thought this FML said "**ck in a box" which I cringed...

94 - Your comment made ME cringe. And why would you censor the word dick?

#94, how the hell did you misread "lemon" as "dick"?

I think it would be cuter if it wasn't anonymous. unless the note was from the lemon.

I'm sure it's a creative person, but why did he/she choose the lemon and not another kind of fruit, maybe, granadilla/passion fruit?

because that doesn't really even relate to the ancient lemon proverb...

Oh, that makes my comment inappropiate, i didnt know, english isnt my native language. Sorry.

It's cool. The idiom is, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." It's about taking a bitter circumstance and making it sweeter.

I would find out who this was and marry them. BEST. STALKER. EVER.

Pstraka6 20

Kinda creepy, but laugh a lil! Who doesn't like a random funny every now and then

Nonono sir you make lemonade. The guy got it wrong. Facepalm

83- true. If I said, "Like a Ma'am" instead of "Like a Sir", it wouldn't be as epic

Makes me think of that random person in my class who somehow got my number and started texting me. Except it wasn't so anonymous. These sorts of things are too creepy ._.

Well it's creepy when a person who you didn't even give your number to starts texting you.

That's adorable!! I hope you find out who sent it.

it was the guy next-door.. you know, the one with the telescope.

Rosebudx 32

You got a free lemon. Sounds like a good day to me!

LithFlavored 10

Aw thats a new one. hope you find out who it is is. Kinda sweet

SystemofaBlink41 27

Don't you mean kinda...(wait for it) sour?

That is the totally wrong way to ask someone out. Your stalker obviously needed to put dates in the mail.

Maybe I could use this on my boyfriend...drop a box of lemons on his doorstep with the note, "When life gives you lemons, we should have sex more."

I read your comments in that character's voice and lol every time.

al122397 13

I don't think you have a bf your too ugly...

#80... You kinda have no room to talk. You look like a pig. A pig who is in highschool and needs to stfu.