By apparentlyugly - 10/12/2014 01:56 - United States - Henderson

Today, after spending a lazy day at home, I went to UPS with my mom to help her pick up a package. While in line, she sent me back to the car because I'm, "an embarrassment to be around" when I'm not wearing makeup. FML
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Harsh! Guess whose support she doesn't deserve when she is old, frail and graying..not yours.

FYL. Don't ever feel bad about not slathering your skin in chemicals, toxins, etc.


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Every mom mentioned on fml is bitch

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Why would they mention a nice mom on a site about ****** up stories?

there's plenty of stories where a mom is mentioned as an essential part of the story but not the FML-causer

The FML juuust before this one was about a mom who got threw up on just for wanting to cuddle with her daughter.

What about the recent one where there was a social media picture comment about the girl being ugly and the dad agreeing or something or rather, and the mom defended her? Your comment is ignorant lol

Harsh! Guess whose support she doesn't deserve when she is old, frail and graying..not yours.

Cause that's not harsh? Raising somebody counts for nothing? It is kinda sad, but maybe OP didn't shower or something and just looked like a total wreck.

Why wait so long. OP could have gone to the car and driven away, leaving mummy dearest standing at UPS. Family or not, people who harass me don't get favors.

FYL. Don't ever feel bad about not slathering your skin in chemicals, toxins, etc.

That's her issue...we'll blame the genes you got from her then... Make up or not you are pretty to someone...or quite a few people...

The package could be kinda heavy or maybe she just wanted to out and have a nice time with her mom.

Remember that when you're picking her nursing home!

Poor OP. I'm sure you're not ugly. Your mum is clearly just incredibly shallow and cares more about what people think than the beautiful daughter she has. And if she can't see that-that's her problem; not to mention her loss.

#9: This is illogical for so many reasons... First of all - if caring about the opinion of others makes people shallow, then OP is either shallow herself or won't care about YOUR opinion on how she looks. Secondly - you can't know whether she's beautiful or not, so why are you automatically assuming that the mother is wrong? Finally - OP clearly got upset because she cares, at least the tiniest bit, about the opinion of her mother. Some ***** were given that day. Does that make OP "shallow" as well?

I say that's it wrong because her mother DIRECTLY SAID that her daughter is embarrassing to be around when she's not 'pretty'. What kind of logical, loving mother says that kind of thing? And I thought the compliment might cheer her up after being insulted by her mother.

i kind of agree. whenever theres a post about someone not being pretty/handsome, everyone rushes to the comment section to say "dawh I'm sure you're gorgeous!" when how could we ever know

Because it's nice to be told that sometimes, sometimes a little bit of comfort goes a long way.

not everyone is beautiful. most of us are average. whatever floats your boat though

Thank you #42. Every one is beautiful. Maybe not to #41s standards or society's narrow standards but every body is a good body. We don't get to choose or earn the face we're born with so there should not be so much value granted to it. And good mothers build their children's confidence when they raise then, OPs mom was rude and this comment may stick with her for a long time.

#41: Exactly. Most attributes in nature have Gaussian distribution. We make distinctions to tell things apart. When we call someone "tall", we probably mean "taller than average". When we say "smart", we probably mean "smarter than average". The moment we can tell a person "Don't worry, you're beautiful... Everyone is beautiful" two things happen: First of all - the term no longer provides us with meaningful information. If everyone is "beautiful", then the amount of information present in the sentence "THIS particular person is beautiful", no matter the person in question, is equal to 0 bits. Nothing. Secondly, consequently, this is no longer a compliment. If you're just like everyone else, there's no sense of pride to be had there.

#44 telling someone that they are beautiful will always be a compliment. Everyone is beautiful but everyone is also different, your example with height is one dimensional, height is one quality. It's not like calling everyone beautiful makes them have the same face. Everyone has different unique qualities that should be celebrated. Beauty should not be putting the few on a pedestal while putting down the rest. Beautiful should not be reserved just for some. Although the media fights to say otherwise..

She should be grateful that you went to help her with the package