By redjesus69 - 03/02/2010 03:52 - United States

Today, after almost nine months of doing anything and everything to show my love for my girlfriend and make her happy, she told me she would give "anything" to relive the one week of her and her ex's relationship where she was the happiest in her life. FML
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What is it about women today that makes them such total bitches?

Ditch her now. Apparently nothing you can do will ever make her as happy as her ex did. And she'll spend the rest of your life making you feel like crap for it. She evidently lacks any ability to understand how saying such a thing would make you feel. And her lack of empathy indicates a tendency towards sociopathic behaviour. Run, Run now. Run far away, And never look back.


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fail, and OP sucks for you


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Dump her! I don't care how great you think she is. Anyone that can be that insensitive, doesn't deserve your time, let alone your love. FYL OP, but if you are still with her, YDI!


you all have great points buy it's not that easy. have you ever had your heart broken by someone you truly love? if you have you would know how hard it is to get through. and if not than you prob never truly loved someone that's left you. you may have think you loved them. you could he through it, but you will never get over it.

hurahh thank u Jesus Christ

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.... lol first you mean

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umm not all girls r sluts if they want it.

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^ win

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third...dmn that sux u too late

brrr that's cold

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dump the whore

She's not a whore. Hes obviously comin on abbot strong.

Does she know she's your girlfriend?

What is it about women today that makes them such total bitches?

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not all women are bitches. but she sounds like one.

She and many others aren't making the rest of us look very good. 8| It seems the bitchy ones outnumber the decent ones.

On FML, you're really only going to hear about the bitchy ones...

XD Fair enough!

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well what about guys?? from what I can tell nor many guys even try to impress girls anymore. they're just lazy duche bags.

snickerdoodle seems like the type of girl who says my moutth is tired 2 minutes into a bj and gives up who's the bitch

not all guys are douchebags

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Not all women are bitches and not all men are douchebags. But there are the ones who make their gender look bad.

#48 Look! There's a douche bag now!

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Wow, that sucks. I hope you're not going to stay with her.

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you sound like my brother.

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money over bi...well you know

You can't meet halfway on a one way street.

on the sidewalk or if she's Asian.

ydi females do not want constant attention drop her and start over

Dude stop being her doormat, move on. Anyway, those nekkid pics of her "happiest" week will be hitting the 'net any day now.