By JukeboxValkyrie - 16/02/2012 07:52 - United States

Today, I discovered how startling it is to wake up by having your cat springboard off your face. The intended prey? Two fornicating geckos on the ceiling. FML
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JukeboxValkyrie tells us more.

To everyone who keeps asking "How did they get on your ceiling?" and "Why are they in your house?" Geckos are native to Florida, they can crawl through the tiniest places and the tips of the digits on their limbs are like mini suction cups, giving them the ability to climb most vertical surfaces as well as being upside down. My ceiling is also popcorn style so there was plenty to hold onto. And yes, I'm almost certain one had a foreign accent...though I'm not sure which.

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At least he didn't springboard off your face while you were fornicating.

Your cat is really something else. I guess not everyone wants a free quote on auto insurance.


Rise and shine sunshine!!

That is the funniest thing I have ever heard. It's a happy way to wake up :))

Be happy! You woke up with pussy in your face... Me Gusta :}

That is so weird because the other day I had a dream of two geckos on my window fornicating.. Does that make me a pervert if I enjoyed it?

Whoa, imagine being that gecko. Fucking on the ceiling? That sounds intense.

I love geckos! They're so sexy!

This wouldn't have been surprising if it was in Australia, but close enough.

Still a better love story than Twilight

Bonjour ma belle!

At least he didn't springboard off your face while you were fornicating.

You know... What goes up, must come down. I'm sure the paws were in scratching heaven.

I can think of worse parts of the body to serve as a springboard than the face while fornication is taking place.

With the cat!

What I want to know is why she assumes they were fornicating. They could be married geckos. Or scuffling geckos. Or Vigorously snuggling geckos.

Least the geckos were having a nice time...

Not when the cat got to em (;

Well, hopefully you didn't get too scratched... Slightly bizarre situation though.

Obviously your cat must be a religious extremist. ;)

Unless of course, one was a priest and the other was a little boy... Then it's perfectly OK

Doesn't matter, geckos had sex??

Poor geckos got interrupted during sex. They either got to start again later or go and masturbate in the OP's sock drawer.

Unless the cat got to one. In which case I'd hate to be the cat. Gecko jizz in its stomach :S

35 & 53 = WIN

That pussy cocked blocked two gieckos, Someones not saving 15 percent or more on car issurances.

12- it's a car insurance joke from a commercial.. There's no need to be a grammar nazi to this guy. As for op, ouch, I bet that hurt like a mofo..

Pussie on your face, pussie off!

Waking up to sex has never been so odd...

Essentially, if I am not the one having sex in my house, then it's weird anyway. |the kid|