By Anonymous - 03/12/2010 11:42 - Canada

Today, I was stuck behind an elderly man on a one-way street into my university campus. There was no traffic in front of him and we were both going under the speed limit, so I honked my horn at him to speed up. He ended up double-parking in the last two spots. FML
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skyttlz 32

I hate people that double park

For your sake, I hope he gets a ticket. That shit sucks (the double parking)


itsbuckyb 6

Well good.

OMJizz 0

You want to know the best part? I kidnapped that old man so now his car will be there forever! The OP will never get a parking spot.

dropdeadtrollin 0

grab the lube jizz I got. the tripod and the restraints.

old man - 1 you - 0


Take a shit on the hood of his car.

12, evil but ingenious.

jizz on his door knob


Door knob? Was he driving a RV?

itsbuckyb 6

he was driving a moped

lol @ 35. But wait until he comes back out. kick him in his old balls and tell him that you're going to make love to him. in that parking spot.

100-really uhhh ummm ahem prove it.

I fuck old people

RedPillSucks 31

Stop looking at your grandma's tits.

haha oh, shit! #7 knows what's up.

rbkhockey33 0

i call someone ugly and get banned, he can say that and not even get moderated? thats some B.S.

2 yea because you are so nasty ugly that oldsters are the only ones that will give you the time of day.

Fuck you. I fucking love old people. Asshole.

skyttlz 32

I hate people that double park

32 ftw. I wish they'd make old people take driving tests cause 90% would fuckin fail

OP could just call the towing company, right? Old man would be out some $ for the expenses, and OP wins in the end.

ydi for thinking double parking is when you use 2 stalls... it's when you parallel park on the street next to someone & block them in.

guckylynn 19

Actually 63, you're wrong. it can mean what you think, but it also means parking in multiple parking spaces.

I don't think it's acceptable to double park at all. If you are that worried about someone throwing open your doors and dinging your truck then find another space. The same goes for if your vehicle is too big for the space you are looking at. It is completely rude for a person to block a parking space and create problems for other people just to avoid having to walk a little farther or whatever.

I meant their doors not your doors. Sorry

cloudy01 0

You dingus.

YDI for trying to speed him up!!!!!!

Paha , grandpa ftw :) YDI .

For your sake, I hope he gets a ticket. That shit sucks (the double parking)

karma is a beach.

I'll get the beach balls :D

generalasskicker 12

sarcam win but why would karma get mad cause he honked at the old dude for going slow on a one lane road that he proably needed to get down fast

RedPillSucks 31

Stuck behind slowpoke mcgroke.

When I lived in Goshen, IN, we called those people Yoders. Yoder is a common last name in the Amish community.

austo97 0

red pill? are you 25 qouting the matrix?