By doglover - 03/11/2009 18:11 - United States

Today, a Milkbone commercial came on TV. At the end of it, they whistle and throw a Milkbone across the screen, prompting my 100lb German Shepherd to leap off the couch and run head on into my new plasma screen TV. FML
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Aww, and your doggy didn't even get its treat. :(


That is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. Stop wasting time and money suing people for shit like this. She should either train her dog better, keep her dog out of the tv room, or put the tv in a higher spot.

Well at least you know that it looked real

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Who let the dogs out? Who who who who~

German Shepard's can jump over 6 feet high.. My friend's used to jump a 7 foot fence all the time to murder their neighbor's illegal chickens and annoying rooster. Bad ass dogs, xD

#35 You can't blame the dog...And you can't blame the OP. It's not like there's any training for a dog NOT to go after the treat. Don't worry OP, assuming you were smart enough to get a warranty on it, it can easily be replaced.

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**** you 82! his comment was FTW!

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I agree with #1. It's REALLY funny and really crappy at the same time... Hope your dogs ok?... right?

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**** you number 134! I heard nothing about someone letting the dogs out in this FML. Only a fat mut destroying a tv.

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ohh my god that's priceless <3 sue.

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#35, I couldn't agree more... and #126, even though there may not be training for a dog not to go after a treat, that doesn't mean that OP should sue over such a freak incident. As for the first and second comment posters saying for OP to sue at all, that's like the woman who sued McDonald's for hot coffee burning her.... well DUH. Hot coffee TENDS to do that. There isn't a way to plan for your dog breaking your TV, and besides, dogs could very well break other things in the house mistakenly, so what do you do then? Sue every brand of item you own? That's just getting ridiculous.


I'm sorry... sue? It's not the company's fault the OP's dog was stupid enough to fly into the T.V. Do you blame the window company when a bird slams into your window? Or the car manufacturer when you run down your neighbor's cat? No. ******* retard...

AH HAHAHAHAHA THIS IS RICH, the dog is only as smart as the owner :)

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126- Actually you can, it's called stay.

lol, the old fatty that sued mc donalds because her coffee was hot...

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You do realize that the coffee was 180-190 degrees Fahrenheit, that she was 73 years old, and that she sustained 3rd degree burns over 16% of her body? She was in the hospital for over a week and had thousands of dollars of medical bills. All she wanted was McDonald's to pay her medical bills. It was NOT a frivolous lawsuit. Suing because your stupid dog decided to jump into the TV would be a frivolous lawsuit.

Ouch. This really sucks. But if its brand new, you could try to get warranty to cover it?

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Who wouldn't laugh? I can see my German Shephard doing the same thing

Poor dog - Woof woof woof, woof woof woof woof. WOF. Translation: Today I jumped at a bone that was flying but I faceplanted the glass picture box. FML

FAKE! Dogs can't see TV images, so unless your screen has smell-o-vision there's no way your dog could know that there was a bone on the screen.

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Yeah. It is arrogant to believe that we can assume with scientific investigation that animals cannot view TV the same way humans do. What we know about sensory perception is derived from what we know we see and what we know about the anatomy of the human eye and brain. Though we can make some logical deductions about how other species see, we can't be fully sure because we ARE NOT INSIDE THEIR BRAINS. You are a jackass.

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Dogs can see images but they are color-blind as far as we know.

Actually the color-blind thing is a common myth. Dogs /can/ see in color, they're just dichromatic, which means that they can only see two primary colors, blue and yellow.

Dogs can see images, but they can't translate a flat image into a 3D environment. This has been demonstrated scientifically. Put a dog in a room in glass walls, so odors can't get through. Put a video of a man holding a biscuit on one side. Put an actual man holding a biscuit on the other. The dog always runs towards the real person. It is feasible that the dog was tricked by the whistle. But there is no way he saw the TV and thought it was a real biscuit. So I'd go with a high probability this is fake. But you can't be sure, dogs do weird things all the time.

I'm with you on that one - dogs cannot see 2-dimensional, if you play a video for your daog with hand signals he will never do what you signal him to do - even if its perfectly well trained. Maybe the dog reacted to the whistle. But i say fake.

Well whenever our TV makes a sound that appeals to our dog, he runs outside the house to *behind* the TV where he thinks the sound from the TV might be coming. Maybe the dog in this FML was slightly smarter, he ran towards the sound of a whistle, likely a sound to which he attaches positive associations with. So I don't think this once can be necessarily dismissed as fake.

Obviously, most dogs have to learn the difference. My dog used to fight his reflection in the mirror, and bark angrily at the TV screen when there was another (barking) dog on the screen.

I can imagine the mirror thing happening. Dogs are not intelligent enough to recognize their own reflection in a mirror. (Google the Mirror Test for more info) And a mirror simulates a 3D setting much better than a TV screen, since the image changes with your perception. The dog could see another dog, but not hear or smell it, so he must have been confused as hell.

There was a whistle the dog would run to that

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ohmygod i love you. you are literally the first person whom i've (n)ever met who actually believes that too! :) this makes me a happy person :)

beat ur dog until he dies...just kiddin...try to take warranty and don't watch tv again with the around .

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How about I beat you till you die? Joking about animal cruelty is not funny, asshole.

funny, but not believable Dogs and cats see tv differently than humans, they see it as a series of lines actually, so unless your dog jumps at anything that whistles, then this is clearly a fake

Really? Our dog barks at other dogs on the TV, even just by looking at them, when my mom watches the Dog Whisperer. And my sister's cat has TV show preferences! So safe to say, they can see pretty clearly.

maybe they reacted to the sound of the animals on tv? but they certainly wouldn't be able to visually see them

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Not true. I have a Rottweiler who follows images on the TV. My golden could care less, but if a football game or basketball game is on the TV, my Rott runs back and forth trying to catch the ball... he actually snaps at the image of the ball. He also follows dogs around on the tv even if the sound is down. There was a show on discovery channel about how dogs intelligence has greatly evolved in recent years... perhaps their visual response has evolved as well?

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I would have to say that dog intelligence didnt necessarily improve, but our (human) understanding of it did. either way, if it happened, thats some funny shyt i wouldnt want to happen to me, but i wouldnt own a dog either. as pups, they destroy everythign you own cuz they are teething and need constant attention. if i had the patience, i'd get a white pug, omigosh adorable dogs! and not likely to jump into a tv!