By obese_chicken - 06/11/2009 06:59 - Australia

Today, I went out to celebrate my birthday with a big group of friends. After waiting in line to get into a club, the bouncer looked me up and down and said, "No fat chicks." My friends went into the club without me and left me to take a $100 taxi home alone. FML
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i'm sorry, that really sucks. you could do without friends like that..

I'm so sorry. Unless you're drastically overweight, that's terrible, and totally not your fault.


i'm sorry, that really sucks. you could do without friends like that..

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Well, i'm sorry but if i was in their place and payed in advance and you said it was 'okay' even if you really we'rent, i would have done the same thing.. sorry though. :/

Damn u have shitty friends.

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I'm guessing she just tagged along with a group of people and it just so happened it was her birthday too. haha

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And that's why you're a scummy bastard, Cheeseballs. Of course your friend wouldn't just say 'No, stay with me', because then they sound like the cunt. Friends without loyalty aren't true friends. Start learning how to be loyal. And bad luck OP, 'friends' my arse, find some that aren't so worthless.

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wow thats low on so many levels. it could also be from the bouncers perspective... she may not be like really overweight just not a size 0. Plus people like you are reasons why i get annoyed with what people think. yes people have a right to their opinion but grow up. I could say the exact same thing to you and say your fat because thats how I see you... grow up and get some class.... and OP im sorry your friends are jerks they should have gone somewhere else with you instead of ditching you. Have a talk with them.

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it annoys everyone who reads it.

_cheeseballs 0

I have morals and loyality, thanks. I just don't listen to whining fucking fattys, complaining they're fat. IF YOU THINK YOU'RE FAT, AND ARE BEING TOLD YOURE FAT. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. stop whining about it, and stop putting on fml how it's your friends fault. kthnxANDBYE.

if your in the dress code and don't look presentable there's no reason they shouldn't let you in. What a fucktard that bouncer was. And those so called friends.. we once waited outside a club for 4 hours or something with my friend on his b'day. We finally went somewhere else in the end, but we never abandoned him.

lol she should lose some weight.

cheeseballs, are you by any chance a skinny little bitch? if so then you have no idea hoe being fat can be a problem for us plus size people. and losing weight when you have large all your life can be pretty hard and straining. so learn some manners and grow the fuck up!

lol if you have been large all your life you should have followed his advice a long time ago. 5% of fat ppl have thyroid problems and I feel horrible for them. the other 95% need to accept that ppl call them fat and don't want to see them or fuckin DO something about it!

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They really could. Ugh. Stupid friends! Not friends at all really.

I'm so sorry. Unless you're drastically overweight, that's terrible, and totally not your fault.

how can being fat not be someone's own fault? (does not say anything good about her friends of course)

There are actually certain conditions that make people gain weight, you know. :/ Also, if they're brought up eating a certain way, isn't it likely that they'll CONTINUE eating that way? I'm not saying overweight people are completely devoid of blame, that's unrealistic, just that not every chubby person is that way because they sit on their ass eating cake all day. And, OP, that's terrible. :c I would have stayed with you! You really need some better friends if these ones--and I use the term friends very loosely when referring to these individuals--are going to behave like this.

Well, when I was young, my aunt always gave me cookies and chocolate and, not knowing any better, I ate 'em. I've always had a sweet tooth, and now I'm working to lose that bit of flab that I've got.

boatkicker 4

Another reason could be that certain medications make you gain weight. If its a choice between gaining 20lbs or dying, I'd choose to put on the weight. Most people would.

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The problem is that what shallow people consider fat and what fat really is are two different things. To them unless your bones are showing you're fat. Get new friends.

I couldn't have said it better!

Entity4Infinity 0

if your sick of these arguments.... ignore them ... not that hard... the OP could be obese for any reason but no need to call people out on it... its kinda hard for girls to lose weight compared to guys .. plus periods put on weight and if you have kids... so there are ten times more weight causes so maybe you should shut up unless you know the person and get over yourself... theres going to be arguments about everything so act your age and grow up and be the better person and just read and move on to the next fml or dont read comments.... problem solved.

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yes it goes with your claim because you said those things like medical conditions are a minority... there are other factors to weigh in too so i dont see why its so bad to have sympathy for someone whos overweight because it could be for any reason what so ever. they may be overweight but no need to make fun of them for it, and if your sick of the arguments then dont read the comments

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the point is no matter the reason why the person is obese then why bother bringing it up ... the point is the op didnt get in then her friends ditched her.... point is to everyone... someones overweight ... o0o their fat and deserve it cuz theyre fat... you were saying something about no sympathy for ppl ... doesnt matter... people can be nice if they want and sympathize

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Thank you! Don't forget about the people who are in denial "Oh maybe the OP isn't really fat... maybe the bad person just expects her to be a size 0" This is such a stupid argument, "I'm not fat, everyone else just has unrealistic expectations" .... ok then, keep telling yourself that These people need to wake up... if someone calls you fat... he/she is an ass... but you are still fat..... stop pretending that you are "normal" for your height and weight.... here's an objective way.... if you are over your Body Mass Index... then you are fat (weight lifters somewhat excluded).

boatkicker 4

My BMI is 19.7 I have been called 'too fat' before, in similar situations. I wasn't turned away, but I spent the night being insulted by girls way too thin, and ignored by guys.

point is who cares if she's overweight. You can still look good and be sexy. Bouncer was being a fuckwit.

even if she is drastically overweight or morbidly obese, her "friends" shouldn't treat her like that!

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CPTobvious, you said "If someone calls you fat, you are fat." For your information, that is not true. My sister's ex-girlfriend told her she was fat every day, when in reality she was a size 3. Her ex was a size 0. My sister became insecure, anorexic and nearly died. Yes, it is true that OP might be chubby for reasons she can control, BUT you dont know and you cant just say things like "if someone calls you fat youre fat." And anyway, the bouncer should not have been an asshole about it, should have let her in, and her friends especially should NOT have left her. :(

insensitive moron.

omg i dont even know ur friends but i hate them!! dont have friends like them man

Sun_Kissed18 25

They aren't her friends! They are just using her as an excuse to go out an party. I'm sorry op, maybe you could get a couple close friends and celebrate with them instead

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wellinever 5

Their gift to you was to reveal what shallow low-lives they are.

you expect us to believe a fat chick has only skinny friends?

She's probably the token fat chick all groups of skinny girls have to make them feel better about themselves no matter how they look

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Obviously, you're never going to that club again. And your assignment for the next six months is to find new friends. You were treated like crap, and it's not your fault.

Sometimes I wish people would get a bit more specific in FMLs. How are we to know that this chick is even "fat" at all? Perhaps the bouncer was an asshole; perhaps the club has a strict weight policy that the OP didn't fit; or perhaps the OP really is "fat". Either way, we'll never know the whole truth, and thus really have no right to judge. However, I'm just going to assume the bouncer was a dick, and that her friends are cunt-liking asshole-sniffing jerkoffs.

Nothing wrong with cunt-licking.

point is outside of dress codes and being presentable, it's descrimination.

perdix 29

I'll bet your friends aren't all that skinny. They just hang out with you because you make them look anorexic by comparison. $100? That's a bad loss. You could have celebrated your birthday in style with that money by buying a professional plumpa humpa.

That's a damn expensive taxi..

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People can be so horrible to one another.

Um... No fat chicks! is the law... The bouncer was just obeying the law...

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of course it doesn't apply to men. 90% of the extreme hatred you see directed towards "fat" people, is directed towards women.

threer 30

I hate ALL fat people, :-> I'm kidding, but people should just stop this hate.. A person is a person whether a he, a she or an it. Anorexic or obese? People. Stop hating and love eachother based on personality and not their weight.