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  Today, a 32 year old man I had been dating for a few months, finally took me to his place. To my surprise, this bachelor had a huge and very clean home! Also, to my surprise, I met the REAL homeowner. His grandmother, who came home early. We were having sex on her couch at the time. FML
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  lokogirld  |  0

wouldn't it be embarassing though I mean he's 32 and he's having sex with someone in his grandmas house and the girl dosent know that or who the grandma is

  Perry85  |  42

The fact that he lives with his grandmother is honestly irrelevant. For all we know he lives there to help her, not because he can't live on his own. I would say the FML is 1. he lied saying he lived alone and 2. they were walked in on. Of age or not, it's still embarrassing.

By  AliSama  |  17

#13 in this economy, this is not so uncommon. Lots of grandkids take care of their grandparents. plus, the house is a commodity. he may be paying it off, or the taxes. You cant' assume he is a looser becuase of this. Why would you live in another home if you can take care of your loved one, and inherit a paid off morgate without having to kill yourself. This was the way life was in the usa before same with europe. Kids inherited parents home. etc.

By  d00d_c0m3_0n  |  0

It counts as an FML if she plans on being serious with him, considering that's a pretty horrible first impression. Imagine they get married, she will never be able to live down the "first time she met grandma"
Every Holiday dinner when people are drinking and start to go into those embarrassing family flashbacks, she's screwed.