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Well.. Demand some allowance at least, and get yourself a nice motel room.

FYL indeed. Hopefully you can get back on your feet.


FYL indeed. Hopefully you can get back on your feet.

At least their experience will keep them down to earth, grounded even.

Well there is a bright side to this, free meals :D totally worth it!

#1 by the sound of it, op can't wait to lay on her back again...

Well.. Demand some allowance at least, and get yourself a nice motel room.

But to get his allowance OP would have to eat his vegetables :(

Or get a job.

Hell with allowance, I'm not eating any darn vegetables.

good comment 31- if only there were some sort of pushy button thingy that showed you like 25's comment! I guess hordes of people will just have to reply lol or variations of it until somebody solves this problem!

43: Here come the spam...hope that thing you described gets implemented soon.

You're right 43! Now in addition to that there should be another pushy button thingy right next to it that you could click to show your dislike for his comment!!

Hopefully your luck will turn around!

At least you're not living with your in-laws... And hey, you don't have to do your own laundry

4- OP probably still does her own laundry. She's 29.

Not all in laws are horrible. Mine welcomed my little family to live with them with open arms when times were tough for us.

OP stated that they are living with their respective families now. That means she lives with her parents and he with his. They aren't living together at the moment.

I realized to late that I read the comment wrong and could not figure out how to delete it...sorry...

OP you need to start looking for a new place to live and/or job. Privacy is a big thing in a relationship and at this rate you 2 won't get it.

You don't think that he's already doing that?

Here I thought marraiges were about openness and communication.

44- Privacy of the husband and wife. Not between them.

I understand that you have no privacy, but at least you have family support to help you until you can be back on your feet. Be glad for that because some people out there don't even have that much. Look at the positives and focus moving forward.

Just focus on saving up for at least an apartment together and don't let the little stuff get to you! At least both your families took you guys back in! True love gets through anything. :)

At least you're smart enough not to try to waste money on hotel rooms and, I'm assuming, are trying to cut back on spending. Good luck with your upcoming marriage, OP. Hopefully the two of you will be back on your feet soon.

just think it's like old times and your dating again fyl

Look at it this way: if your relationship can survive this it can survive anything.