These jugs don't belong here...

By Busty - 21/11/2017 06:00

Today, Walmart was out of quart milk jugs except for one. When I went to grab it, I had to practically climb into the fridge. My boobs got stuck on the shelf on the way out, and it took a solid two minutes to wiggle my way free. I had an audience. FML
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Quite the booby trap....

manb91uk 22

That’s the breast story I’ve hears all day


OP - There are such things as basic sanitation. You do not climb into a food cooler! Had you considered that, there would have been no problem. You can always ask an employee to reach something you cannot reach or bring out more from the back - My wife does this fairly frequently.

Yeah, because sanitation is fine if the person in the cooler is wearing a name tag.

Friesian 7

They can always go into the back and push the milk down or grab it from the back of the rack...

MrLandons 6

I wonder which jug they were looking at...

untamed6969 11

daaaammmnnnn, no one helped¿

It's okay, you were just demonstrating how milk is made and where it comes from.

staticballoons 5

I guess your milk shakes brings all of the boys to aisle 6. ?

ic2drops 6