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By poorkids - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States - Auburn

Today, my daughter called me telling me she had her twin girls. She named them Juli and Anne. Her name is Julianne. Her kids are going to fucking hate her. FML
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That was selfish.

Ooh nooo! People really should realize that their children aren't pets...


That was selfish.

And egocentric...

Let me add, narcissistic? Next person to find a relatable word!

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45, you ruined the trend! I believe the problem isn't that she decided to hand her name down. It's that she handed it down to both of them after splitting it in two. It'd be just as bad if a man did it.

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Geez 45 nobody brang the sexist card in until YOU. I don't see any comments mentioning gender, do you?

Yeah, and no one brought the "stupid words that don't exist" card until you said "brang". Brang? Seriously?

45 I was thinking it too.

45, oh stop it already, no one brought up anything even slightly sexist until you. And no, it is just as dumb when men do it.


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Can you seriously be just as sexist as you say everyone else is being 92? -___- Let me answer that for you before you embarrass yourself, yes.

If a guy named Fredrick had called his sons Fred and Rick? Yeah, no, I'd definitely call him a genius. But this woman, she's just crazy! Can you see how you're not making any sense?

You can't call my post sexist. I may not be right but i'm most definitely not being sexist.

You seem to be the only one calling this sexist and the only one bringing sex into this, which I see no reason to say "the entire FML is sexist" on account of op, the person originally upset over this, is in fact female as is her daughter.

Saying this is sexist is equal to claiming this being racist if the race of this woman was specified in the FML.

I don't get why this FML is so bad... It's not like she named them Batman and Robin or Squirrelflight and Leafpool. I don't see how it's selfish either... People pass down their names all the time, just being known as senior and junior, so why is this any different?

That is EXACTLY what you're being lol

97- So if you're not sexist, then are you an extreme feminist or something? Because you're taking this a little too personal, thinking that only guys can use their names to name their kid. I know plenty of women who name their daughters after themselves, so what are you trying to get at?

132, technically extreme feminists are sexist. (In the same way that the black panthers were originally racist.)

138) they aren't anymore?

97- just go back to Walmart, and stop posting.

45: Nothing to do with gender. It's narcissistic in general.

97- I think your idea of the meaning to sexist is way off. This FML isn't sexist in any way. The only issue here is she named both her daughters after herself. It's also wrong to really assume it is an issue. Her daughters may not care when they're older and OP can also try to convince the mother to change one or both the children's names or make the name a middle name for them. She has a year after their birth to do so. At least I was told that you have 1 year during the childs first year of life you can change their name before it is permanent. If i am wrong about that my apologies.

Sself centered as well.

She has 30 days to change their names. And I really hope she does!

188, you didn't say a word. Mine is vainglorious.


203: That's conCEITed. Hear at fml wee tri too manetane an nise, intelexual atmosfere.

203- conceited*

Self- Absorbed

guys name their sons after themselves all the time

Double standard. As 224 wisely said, men name there children after them ALL THE TIME?

*shut the fuck up

Ugly slut*

Usually, it's because they want to keep the family name together, like for my family, there's Richard I, II, and III.

Maybe she was thinking that when she's too tired to say both of their names, she can just yell Julianne! I dunno. It's better than my what my friend said. She said she was going to name her children Katniss and Peeta, and when she didn't feel like saying both their names, she would just yell "Peeniss!" Obviously she was kidding but there are some idiots out there who would actually do that.

Reminds me of the girl who sued her parents for the name. On news. "Talula does the Hula from Hawaii" -first name

Id her my mom if that crap was pulled on me. Good thing I am not a twin.

I fail to see a problem other than OP being a nosy, annoying bitch.

I met this girl named Bobby and I'm not even joking right now, her dad's name is Bobby, her mom's name is Bobby, and her brother's name is Bobby.

191 I know a family like that too! Her name was Bobbi with an "i" but other than that all of her brothers and dads names were Bobby!

191/206 You've got to be kidding...

207 I wish! Bobbi was really pretty though, but I wouldn't say she was the brightest girl I ever knew. :/

191- I knew this girl named Billie. Her middle name was Rae. She'd just glare at you and tell you to call her Rae if you said her first name, Seriously.. Billie?

Robert and Barbara maybe? It's either that or Ricky Bobby.

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Name your kids Jen and Natalia. They will dance in your grave.

Actually it was just Tula does the Hula. -first name. From Hawaii.

Ooh nooo! People really should realize that their children aren't pets...

So I can't name my child Loveless? D:

But I save alot of money feeding my kids dog food over baby food... Darn

I was gonna name my child Megatron, so who am i to judge.

^you are no-one

Could have at least called them Juliet and Annie, just SOME sort of variation

Am I the only one who thinks that the whole thing shouldn't be an FML? I don't see how this is bad for the op...

or Julia and Annette or Jule and Annika or or haha. I do agree, she could have been at least a bit more creative and that way it wouldn't be a bit "much." Plus I find your name ideas and mine prettier than the latter.

Sit, fetch the remote, lay down, go to bed...

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Ok Julianne jr!!

Well alrighty there Yoda. Suck, your comment does.

120- True, your statement is.

…coming from a dog

Well, at least people will know who their mother is.

Plot twist, OP is Julianne and its actually 14 years later.

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How is this a win?

It's a smartass comment.

No, just general assery.

Juli and Anne are nicknames... How shorter can get? Jew? A?

62- I believe 6 meant that they could go by their middle names, or, just somehow get a random yet cute nickname that stuck.

Was still a stupid comment

Nicknames don't have to be shorter. They could name the twins Juju and Annie-pannie. Or Julia and Augusta.

117-- oh dear god multiply the twin's therapy bills by at least 4...

I didn't even like it when my parents named me after my dad, but it'd be worse of they'd named me AND my brother after my dad. I do not envy those girls one bit. Congrats on becoming a grandmother though, OP!

*if I thought I caught all the spelling errors. Mea culpa.

It'd be worse if you were a George Foreman, then.

Yeah, I know a guy who's real name is Craig, like his Dad, but I didn't know for years because everyone calls him Michael, just a random name he adopted because he despises being named after his Father that much.

My poor neighbors growing up: They were two boys, Danny and Chris. Danny, the older brother, was named for their father. Chris, the younger brother, was named for their mother. I'm the biggest dork on Earth and even I made fun of Chris for that.

I would think it was pretty cool! I mean, until I turned 12, but that's a long time.

You are 12+ a lot longer then 11- I feel bad for the kids.

Well I'm gonna name my kid "Dammit", so I can't judge.

I'm naming mine Jesus Christ. "Dammit! Get in here! And Jesus Christ! PUT THAT DOWN!!!""

Lol 29 "But Daaad, I'm not 'Dammit' I'm Jesus Christ!" I love Bill Cosby.

I can't judge either because I was gonna name my kid Dick

TBH I want to name my kid "Shithead" or "Fucknugget" although I think my future partner may disagree.

Why are they going to hate her? Because she named them after herself? How is that any worse than a man hypothetically naming his son "Doc Bastard III"? Sounds like you have some unresolved mommy issues.

One is a tradition in certain families; this, on the otherhand, will only end in a new tradition of severe irritation.

If she named one daughter Juliann it wouldn't be so bad, it's because she decided to split them. At least that's what I got from it. Still doesn't seem that bad though.

Doc: It would be twins. The smaller of which would be affectionately known as "Little bastard." "Get over here, little bastard!"

Haha nice one