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By IantoJones_fml - 22/12/2021 02:01 - United States

Today, my country’s congress failed on key legislation for social supports, voting rights and climate change. Thus probably dooming our democracy, our planet, and our species. Society may collapse within my lifetime. I don’t know how to protect my loved ones, nor how to process my grief and fear. FML
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If you're that despondent, you ought to assassinate a GOP senator from a state with a Democrat governor. That way, Manchin can be kicked out and the New Democrat can be the 50th vote. You might as well go out with a blaze of glory!

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I think that’s illegal in most states

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ever consider moving to someplace that does better.

Man I am trying to figure out how I managed to raise kids with having to pay for my kids preschool and childcare. But the one thing I am sure on, I’m sick of paying more for food, gasoline, and electricity. Oh yeah, I forgot, the only problems in this country are child care, elder care and preschool, not that pesky 40 yr high inflation that a certain President caused, and Coronavirus which was declared over in July.

I hope you're being sarcastic when you say that the pandemic ended in July…

What's even better is GOP found a little legal loophole to remove our constitutional rights. Which, men don't care about yet because it only affects women, but can be used to systematically strip our rights from us and there's nothing we can do about. Welcome to the setup for autocracy!

Idk, you might be too connected? Might be time to get out and enjoy family friends and nature

Maybe you need to turn off the TV and enjoy life for what it has to offer?

Maybe turn off cnn and msnbc, pick up a book and actually read it, then go out and live your life instead of complaining about not getting free stuff

I love all the comments about reading books, touching grass and not watching TV… like you people do anything else besides watching Fox feed you their warm diahrrea and think the USA is the best country in the world, but you don't actually give a **** about other Americans on your street. "I got mine, so don't care about yours" is such a terrible mindset. We're supposed to support each other, you assholes. I love you all, though.