By uhhh what? - 10/04/2012 17:47 - United States - Bellevue

Today, my parents told me that I will grow up to be a criminal, living on the streets, on drugs. All this because I took the last chocolate egg. FML
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cradle6 13

Chocolate eggs? Is that what you kids call them now?

I'm proud of you, you found the last egg! Must have been some good chocolate if they said that.


I'm proud of you, you found the last egg! Must have been some good chocolate if they said that.

Taking the last of anything is means for war. Especially when it's chocolate.

I love the name OP!!

OP, you should've held up the egg, and Snickered in their face. All this just because you took a chocolate egg? You should eat it in front of them and watch them Twixt in pain. If you don't want to eat it now, you Cadbury it in the ground to make sure they don't find it.

xoconnie 8

if only you didnt take that last egg :/

xoconnie 8

if only you didnt take that last egg :/

Jakesterk96 8

Mom-"Hey sweetie, did you take the last chocolate egg?" OP-"Yea, why?" Mom-"Oh nothing, it's just that the last chocolate egg was for me so you stole it which will lead you to steal more things from me like money where we would have to kick you out of the house into the streets which would lead you to stealing from people and stores making you a criminal which would lead you to buy drugs to cope with your failure in life. But it's no biggie."

blackheart24 10

It's true.. A couple years ago I stole the last chocolate egg. Never did I think it would lead me to where I am today: I live on the street and drink, steal, fight, do drugs, all because of that damn chocolate egg... WHY?! Why did I take that egg!?! My life is ruined!! D:

well, that is very punny, but anybunny can make one like that.

lavitaebella_fml 0

60: Write an FML about it.

75 - But my dear child, that would be copying this FML so I don't think he can.

Jakesterk96 8

32- HE ATE THE LAST CHOCOLATE EGG. Man, I heard of people hard at hearing but hard at reading?

blackheart24 10

75- I'm sorry to confuse you darling, but I was joking... My life didn't actually fall apart after I ate the last chocolate egg, although it probably happens to people all the time.

Exxagerative much? :P my family does that all the time.. :|

lavitaebella_fml 0

I was being sarcastic, lol.

blackheart24 10

Don't worry I wasn't tryin to be a dick. Although Im really glad u weren't serious cuz then I'd have to face palm. Thanks for clearing it up ;)

Jesus would have never approved of Easter. Giving is just not in the spirit of being a Jew

OP, my parents have acted like that don't worry. Once I corrected my mom when we were watching the movie, "Scream" when she thought the murderer was a good guy. She then screamed at me and told me that I'd probably turn out like that murderer if I don't listen to what she says. Yup.

TaylorLynn462 10

Damn crazy parents.

This post doesn't sound like there could be any context not disclosed in the post. /sarcasm off

No freaking shit

whennotlooking 0

OP's parents aren't crazy... I take my chocolate pretty seriously too. I'm hardcore MLG chocolate eater.

Today, all I needed was just one last delicious chocolate egg. My daughter ate it. FML

cradle6 13

Chocolate eggs? Is that what you kids call them now?

lukep135 6

Yes along with a shot of hersheys, rolling an almond joy, and my personal favorite a random assortment of skittles

cradle6 13

Don't forget the ever-popular 'smoking smarties.'

Eggs made of chocolate. What else would we be calling them?

lukep135 6

I feel terrible that i did. But where i come from they're crushed and snorted

this comment reminds me of the mr. bean "if you know what i mean" memes

KiddNYC1O 20

Lmao 56.

44 - Comments like yours are the reason my teeth are slowly grinding down to nubs.

ThatDamnPaladin 10

And who could forget that phase where kids tried to snort pixie sticks. They just do the darndest things!

Shit, and for the longest time I wondered why people gave me such dirty looks when I said I'm completely addicted to popping starbursts.

siickman 7

Lol mentally scarred for life ... I would be...

smileypoop 2

Thanks yoda

Ummm why are you talking like yoda?

MrBrightside21 20

Umm...Why are you talking like a copy cat who wants to be thumbed up?

siickman 7

My comment was suppose to go on the next FML .. I misclicked ... And i wasnt talking like yoda... I was saying the person is now mentally scarred.. And then i stated that i would be ....

Which in turn made a sentence in the form that yoda uses.

How was i copying?? I thought I was missing something. He made a joke. I asked a question. Simple as thought. Sorry...

MrBrightside21 20

Forgiven. But only because this is an Easter FML...

YEAH! I'm first! I don't care if people hate, they're a bunch of losers, but I'M SOOOO GREAT!!!!

Parazad 16

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Wonderful pun. But that's been used before by just about everybunny.


Did you say corny joke? Sorry I'm not sure if I can "ear" you correctly

Are you sure it was chocolate and that it the last "Golden Egg"? >_> parents may know things you don't =O!

... the hell.

jillianmathers12 13

Lol. That's so funny! Everything is on sale now so buy them a new one

Jillian? My name is Lillian. I knew a Gillian once, but don't you find our "-illian" names few and far between?

87. You're fucked

I bought so much half priced Easter chocolate today I am embarrassed. But, it's half price!!

ThisIsMyReign 4

Well, you did take the last chocolate egg.

Maybe they thought you stole it. Stealing can lead to it.