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By Anonymous - 09/11/2021 23:00

Today, I had to snatch my son's phone to hang up his “super important work phone call” and force him to pay attention to the nurse trying to hand him his newborn son, while his wife was passed out. He's so career obsessed, I don’t think he noticed his son being born at all. FML
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Damn definitely not the right person to be a father! It’s gonna suck for that kid

Your son is most definitely going to lose his job now.


Your son is most definitely going to lose his job now.

I meant to downvote.

That would only mean his 'career' is worth shit. Important people arent replaced like that

If he's that obsessed, are you sure the kid is his?

Damn definitely not the right person to be a father! It’s gonna suck for that kid

That marriage isn't going to last.

Hopefully, your son makes lots of money! Since he's going to be a shit dad with his time and attention, the kid might as well have the best material stuff.

So you a man was around your daughter in law when she gave birth?

who said a father was writing about his son? could be the mom.

It happens, my sister went from dilating to pushing so fast that the room got filled with the Dr and nurses and her FIL didn't have time to get out the door. He was very uncomfortable with the whole ordeal but she pushed the baby out in 13 mins.

I’ve been in this position - not this EXACT position - but some time sensitive emergency comes up at work that I’m in charge of and I HAVE to handle it - in addition to my normal workload. I take on a sense of ownership. I need to see it through, it’s my responsibility, my name is on it, it reflects on me, and the company needs it done and if I don’t do it EVERYTHING WILL FALL APART!!!11!11!!!11! I’ve mentioned here before about my mom’s cancer and how I’m juggling a lot of shit right now. My boss called me one night like “Marcella1016. We’re not curing cancer or solving world peace here. Turn off your computer and take this evening to rest. Take a personal day. Just chill the fuck out and don’t kill yourself over this shit.” (Paraphrase) I totally get being in the mindset of OP’s son. And it sucks. And sometimes you need someone telling you wtf dude look at what you’re doing! Balance your life better and stop letting your work take over everything! Hopefully he sees the light and finds some more balance. And hopefully there are people in his company that encourage him to find the balance. Good luck, and congrats on the grandkid, OP! 😄🎉🎊🎈🧸🎁👶😊

Hi, there is an other couple (here on FML) having hard time getting an offspring. May be they should get the child, as they will give all the love and attention it needs. BR