By Anonymous - 2/9/2020 02:01

Send virtual hugs

Today, I'm jealous of people who get to hug. My mom has banned hugs in the house because of COVID-19, and the only person I've hugged in the last 6 months is my boyfriend. He's been away for work for the past month and a half. FML
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  Mathalamus  |  24

Nope. You arent using statistics correctly. Of all the closed cases of coronavirus so far about 864,162 people have died. There were 18,319,684 who recovered, implying a death rate of 5%.

I’m pretty sure the common cold kills less people.

  RichardPencil  |  30

It's much deadlier than the flu, and some survivors sustain permanent damage.

Quit spreading Trump-Putin-Bolsonaro-Modi-BoJo bullshit! They've turned their countries into the shitholes.

  akvan  |  11

It's not only about the mortality rate. Many people who didn't die from it will have major health issues for the rest of their lives

By  nemcali  |  34

As tough as it seems, it’d be much worse if you get the virus and spread it to your family. And if one of them dies or recovers but with permanent damages, you’d feel terrible. Sometimes it might be better being safer than sorry :(