Get off my lawn!

By Anonymous - 08/04/2022 18:00

Today, some completely out of touch with reality woman told me I didn’t deserve my house I bought with my own money, because it’s a 4 bedroom yet I live alone, so I should give it to her unemployed ass and her 6 hungry children. She wouldn’t leave and stood in my garden fake crying for 4 hours. FML
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Ask her politely to leave, because she's trespassing. If she refuses, let her know you're calling the police, and then go and do so if she stays.

Why didn't you trespass her and call the police?


Ask her politely to leave, because she's trespassing. If she refuses, let her know you're calling the police, and then go and do so if she stays.

She's not completely wrong. Yeah, it's nuts that you'd give her family the house for nothing. But it does seem very wasteful for you to live alone in a 4-bedroom house. You're paying a lot more in taxes and utility bills than you need to.

Marcella1016 31

Yeah TBH if we think of it differently than the whole “freeloaders vs. hard work” argument, it seems like one of those philosophical/moral/ethical thought experiments. Like, imagine an alien race coming down and looking at our planet to do an assessment. Objectively seeing people starving in some parts of the world while others have so much we throw food away. Or one person living alone in a mansion while a large family struggles to keep a small roof over their heads. Pardon my loose use of the word “fun” in the context I’m about to use it, but I find it fun to kind of ruminate on stuff like that. Obviously I’m personally shaped by the society and norms I grew up in, and you buy what you can afford, and I’m happy to be able to afford to live in a big house and eat out and throw away perfectly good food because it fell on the floor or whatever. Sucks for those who can’t - but that’s how the world is, and it does work...for me lol. But what if society was structured differently? Where everyone was guaranteed some bare minimum of food and shelter and worked for more? We’ve tried in various ways and some ways have kind of worked, but only in very small tribal type societies, and most have failed. We currently live in a global capitalistic era that is inherently unsustainable - you literally can’t keep increasing your resource consumption forever because you will obviously eventually run out lol - but that’s how we run things now. Is it right? Is it wrong? Is it the best/only way for the amount of people we have? Is there a better way but we have no clue because we’re raised to think this is the only/right/fair way? Is it *actually* fair? I have no fucking clue what the answer is, but it’s fun to think about, and I hope humanity eventually finds some kind of balanced solution. As things stand now, obviously OP owes that woman nothing. But I feel bad for whatever she’s going through that led her to stand there crying for hours. Obviously she’s having some type of emotional breakdown. I feel bad for her kids and hope things work out for them. To those whose reaction may be “Well it’s her fault for having them”...yeah that’s true, but it’s not the kids’ fault and they have to suffer :( Hope things get better for them all and the woman can find her feet.

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it's bold of you to assume that aliens are sympathetic sentient beings

Dirtysalamander1 13

and op said the woman was fake crying.

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Tell me you’re a democrat without telling me you’re a democrat.

Marcella1016 31

No idea why people like you consider something associated with helping others a curse word lol

People like that are all for helping others, as long as the "others" are straight, white men.

This is what hoses are for.

Why didn't you trespass her and call the police?

Dance through each of your rooms delighting in the fact you work and effort paid off. Good for you. You owe nothing to anyone. Or, you can choose who to support.

If I were an unemployed single parent of six who was standing on a person’s own demanding that they give me my house because I “deserve” it and the other person doesn’t because that person doesn’t have children, I would hope I had the ability to self-reflect and question everyone life decision I ever made, up to and including what color crayons I picked up in kindergarten.

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Was the woman your wife?

On the one hand, she is a crocodile-teared freeloader. On the other hand, those kids deserve to have a good home and food on their plate. Social housing everyone?

Out of curiosity, was she someone you know? Cause it seems she knew you lived alone and have a 4 bedroom house? Did she do that with you only or did she try with your neighbours as well? Anyway, have security cameras installed and next time call the cops after 15 min, do not wait 4 hours