By sdd - This FML is from back in 2013 but it's good stuff - Switzerland - Lotzwil

Today, I was chatting with my choir leader. I told him that I have been thinking about taking singing lessons. His immediate reaction was, "Thank God, finally!" FML
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Some people just can't sing...

You must not have The Voice you thought you did. But still, that comment would take my Glee away, keep practicing until you're Pitch Perfect!


He obviously is a bad leader if you suck.

Some people just can't sing...

This is why teachers are getting paid less in the US. The mentality that its the teachers fault for how the students are and not the education system itself leads to the state systems paying them less and making them do more.

Teachers are underpaid, pretty much everywhere.

28 It used to be that if a kid failed the parents blamed the kid for not studying and shit.. Not the teacher... The previous generation or two days...

18- We follow only American politics and issues in school so excuse me for my ignorance.

thats actually pretty damn ironic lol

20 - Try not to make blanket generalizations without knowing what you're talking about. I just failed four kids today: one because she never handed in any work, ever; two because they never showed up to any classes; one because he slept through every class (and his final). I'm not getting in any trouble because I talked to my bosses and each of their parents all semester about their poor choices.

By "leader", it implies that it has nothing to do with a school. I take it as a group setting on one's own time. Why didn't the leader realize that OP's performance is a direct reflection of them and do something about it sooner?

Depends what tone he said it I'm :P

In the tone of deaf.

Probly auto correct.. Just chill ppl

Maybe he thinks you have potential but need some fine tuning?

That would be my thought. This post may be a mere miscommunication.

Or maybe he thinks OP stinks to high heaven.

He sounds like an idiot to me. Your reaction should have been, "Thank god, I quit!"

This is a good thing! My teacher would love for me to get lessons, but I won't. I'm a great singer, but don't want it to be my career.

He's an idiot because the person can't sing? Geez what is wrong with some of the people on here.

Become a rapper. Autotune, my friend!

True, but much less singing is involved in rapping than most genres.

16- do you like to comment on other people's posts purely to contradict them? that's all I see of you. commenter: yes! supafun: fuck no!

30: 29 was saying, that from the comments he's seen from you, to himm, it looks like you just comment to contradict the comment you replied to. Unless, you were being sarcastic, in which case, I wrote that all for naught.

#29, although I respect your opinion, SupaFun is merely correcting people and further educating them so they don't make the same mistakes infront of their friends or coworkers. Better be corrected over the Internet than judged by your peers!

It might be time to look for a new hobby

Or time to become the next t-pain? Autotune and annoying lyrics are your best friend op

Sounds friendly to me, he just heard how great you are at the choir.

It could be that the leader has been trying to get OP to take lessons for a long time so that she could reach her potential. Thus, their reaction of, "Thank God, Finally!"

Look at the bright side. You leader believes you have a good voice that you can practice with.

You must not have The Voice you thought you did. But still, that comment would take my Glee away, keep practicing until you're Pitch Perfect!

Why take singing lessons AFTER joining the choir and finding out you suck? Wouldn't this be like taking driving lessons after you total your first car?

Still makes sense, you wouldn't want to total that second car now would you? ;)

My elementary and middle schools required choir for our art credits (it's probably the cheapest of the arts for schools - no real supplies needed).

That's what I was thinking Doc. I guess instead of sucking forever they could learn though. I still think it would have been a good choice to do it BEFORE joining.

You forget that you need music to sing