By mountainmetal983

The serpentine movement of life

Today, the serpentine belt broke on my truck a mile away from work, 30 minutes before I needed to be there. This caused me to be 45 minutes late. I got written up for being late. The tow truck then took my truck to the wrong mechanic shop. Now I have to pay another tow truck bill to get it to the right shop. FML
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

You don't have one of those cellular telephones all the young uns have these days?

I don't mean to brighten your day, but a broken timing belt can cause a lot of damage to your engine. Your repair bill will probably be another FML!

By  drenalin  |  7

Should have kept driving the last mile to work lol. Unless engine killed when it broke then FYL. But a motor will run without a belt until the battery dies or engine overheats