By Teamarie - United States
  Today, as I was driving my dad home, I got a text message. My dad, who doesn't want me texting while I'm driving, decided to read the text message to me. He began to repeat a message from my boyfriend recounting the amazing sex we had the night before. FML
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  Vaetrus  |  0

I think she was about to read it, but he said no, took it, then read it to her. By the time she realized what might have been in the message... well, he was probably very embarrassed. He should not have been reading her messages anyway, would have been better to just keep it away from her until they arrived.

And to those saying just check the sender first, he was probably handling the phone at that point. Or she didn't think the boyfriend was text that of all things.

  dx169  |  0

Today, I was in the car with my smoking, hot, teenage daughter (who I assumed was a virgin), when she got a text from her boyfriend. I do not allow her to read her texts or use the phone while driving so I decided to read it to her aloud. It started off with "Babe, last night was amazing. Too bad your faggot dad came home early." FML

  ananamoose  |  0

At least your dad didn't grab the wheel after reading it turn it really hard and drive you off a 300 foot cliff and at the last second jump out and stand and watch you fall to your doom

  RJB  |  0

I think Anamoose is exageating that REDLUCKTUCk posted Atleast you didnt die(or something like that) I think hes saying who cares. The dad didnt so why bring it up. least i think lol

  love4bit  |  0

i think the onimouse is cleverly and quite hilariously pointing out the complete pointlessness and redundancy of explaining the first two comments. way to go RBJ.


  BulletStreet  |  0

Yeah, they crashed and died when a voice recording of her and her girlfriend having sex. "squeeze harder!" "HONEY! WHT THE HELL IS THIS?" *crash* "I can explain! See, Dad, when a woman loves a man, they grab whip cream and grab the gears and go!"