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By musicteacher - 12/03/2015 10:23 - United States - Bethania

Today, I've managed to go my whole nine-year teaching career without anyone vomiting in my classroom. That record was broken today when someone vomited four successive times in front of a class of 46 students. It was me. FML
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46 students!? The lack of proper funding for school music programs makes me sick too

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Hopefully you had no sympathy pukers :/ You really pick up all sorts of weird illnesses and bugs at school. Feel better soon!


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should have made some sort or arrangement after the first time...

I kind of agree with 23. Puking once or twice, definite FYL, but by 3 or 4 times its kind of a ydi. You probably should've made arrangements to go home after the second time, or at least get a teacher to cover so you can spend time in the bathroom till a replacement comes. In an emergency, it's the principles job to fill in, so I'm sure you could've gone home. Either way though, it's FYL that you were sick. Puking is the worst thing in this world! Hope you feel better soon op!

Did you ever think that it was 4 times in a row?

23/33- it sounds like the op only had a few seconds in between times, because OBVIOUSLY she would not continue to teach afterwards.

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Ugh. It's so miserable to be sick in front of your students! I hope you feel better!

Rosebudx 32

Hopefully you had no sympathy pukers :/ You really pick up all sorts of weird illnesses and bugs at school. Feel better soon!

46 students!? The lack of proper funding for school music programs makes me sick too was more likely a performing ensemble like band or chorus then a elementary general music class. I would be ecstatic to have that many in my choruses

There have been close to 50 kids in each class I've been in my whole life. I thought it was normal

Having that many kids in a music class is normal. My choir class has even more than that.

Yeah for choir and band rehearsals that is reasonable, but for instrumental lessons, it is not. Students learning to play instruments need lots of help.

I'm sorry, when did they mention a chorus class? That's a basic class there. If that's a chorus class, it's very tiny.

I have 19 kids in mine at a rural K 12 school, sorry if that doesn't match your opinions of a chorus.

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Most of my regular classes have at least 40 students. We had a big surge of new students this year and our school building is too small for them. In some places a bigger class size is normal

When I was at my high school we had one band teacher during my concert band practice we had 60 students, but during marching band we had 150 students in it. But it also included eight grade middle schoolers (bout. 10 kids) and my school was small. We got to be in the rose parade multiple times and go to Disneyland two to three times a year to play there. And many competitions we won. Luckily the school gave the arts department (art, band, choir) a lot more funding then the sports.

If its a band or choir class that's a fairly normal size... In my high school we had 3 band sections, freshmen, concert band, and wind ensemble for the best players. Each section had 30-50 kids. This is at a small town public school that is in the top 100 music programs in the country, so it isn't always about funding. Depends on the situation.

All of this is making me sad, especially #19 and #26. In my grade 12 music class we had to do a split with grade 11 because total there were 11 of us. I never had better instruction in my life and improved so much that year. The most I ever had in any class in elementary/middle/high school was 21 and now I feel really lucky. Thanks Canada! <3

Ouch. I'm sorry! I have 15 kids in my homeroom 2nd grade class, but we switch for language and math. I have 18 at the most. However, 2/3 of my students have autism or a different disability. The rooms were also designed for a maximum of 10, so we are cramped! I also started the year without even a pencil sharpener. There's education funding, right?

Try having only 5 students in advanced band class.. Playing junior high music. It's saddening to me how much my school's music program has degraded over the years.

Don't sweat it! Your students will understand, everyone's been there. Embarrassment and being sick sucks while it happens but we all understand :)

At least you still haven't had a student puke in class.

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That's pretty amazing that you've never had one student throw up in your class in 9 years. I teach preschool and had 3 kids throw up in my room yesterday alone (Granted, there's a bug going around.) Hope you feel better OP!

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That's because it's preschool lol . Preschoolers throw up all the time for whatever reason

It happens . It's teachers like you who help us all. FYL op

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I just remembered the family guy episode...

Wasn't it cause they drank some sort of chemical to see who puked first? They were fighting over the last slice of pie or something haha

Ha, imagine somone puking trough their tuba.

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Hopefully you're okay OP. I cant imagine what would cause someone to puke four times in a row.