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Today, I told a story about a new mother naming her daughter after the first thing she saw moments after she was born. The group admins accused me of lying, with absolutely zero proof, and deleted the post. The story is 100% true. My mother and I witnessed it with our own two eyes and ears. Fuck these people. FML
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And this is why we offer flowers to women about to give birth.


And this is why we offer flowers to women about to give birth.

And this is how I ended up being named Thorn Thorne.

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A friend of mine worked in immigration. They have pamphlets which inform incoming migrants of STD and health info. Sometimes native languages don’t translate directly to english, so they have to put a name onto the form that isn’t native. She’s seen almost every STD discussed in the health pamphlets used. Can confirm, I met a female named “Chlamydia” in High school (from a remote area of Africa).

When I worked at a tanning salon in college, we had a regular who’s an elementary teacher in a poor school. She told us all the funny and weird names she’s had over the year: Champagne and Tequila (who were named after what their parents were drinking when they were conceived), Ezmoney, Abcde (ab-suh-duh), Jkmn (no-ell). My mom also knew a family named Fields when she was younger. The girls names were Barley and Strawberry. I had a student who shared a name exactly with his 3 older brothers.