By Depressed - 08/03/2009 21:58 - United States

Today, I called up the boy I like to ask him on a date. He said "Haha, thats a pretty good impression Chris. Next time pick someone less ugly and maybe I'd think this is real." He thought I was his friend prank calling him. FML
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holy crapp . that was mean . find a better guy to like !


holy crapp . that was mean . find a better guy to like !

azhein 0

he might not have her number

GhettoXmuffin 7

I think his friend would be smart enough to use a number other than his own.

blahblahblah44 0

wow i'm so sorry that's so mean obviously he's a jerk

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I'd be mortified if the girl I like did that to me.

Wow, that's horrible. But at least you know he's an asshole before anything happened you might later regret.

dg72592_fml 0

omg what a douche :( ditch himm

xtfauthorx 0

No, a douche is something that cleans a ******, obviously he's not getting any because he's a meanie, therefore will go nowhere near one

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Don't worry about it, Guys don't like it if a girl asked them on a date, how bout you pick yourself up and talk to someone nicer.

Here's what you do, get chocolate and a chick flick, then maybe a better taste in guys.

Hm, imagine how he would respond if he knew it was you. That is really sad.