By pogo Nono - 4/6/2021 11:01 - United States

Pokémon Gone

Today, I found a guy I play Pokémon Go with on Facebook. We decided to meet up at a popular hunting spot so we could organize a trade. His wife showed up out of nowhere, causing a huge scene and threatening to kick my ass. I had my husband and kids with me. FML
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  Reena  |  3

A popular hunting spot usually means some kind of a public place, you don't hunt pokemon in a literal forest. Plus she had her husband with her, so it's not like she went there alone.


With that reaction? No, she's likely overbearing and controlling. He likely never would have attempted that simply out of fear she'd react like this. He's probably limited on who he can hang out with too.

Tell me, how is it you automatically assume he's the one in the wrong when his supposed tryst has her wife and kids with her, and the woman STILL goes crazy?

By  Pheeeeep  |  10

People think that it's only the rough types who can cause trouble. Sometimes, it's the un-adjusted nerds you gotta watch out for!.. Although, in my experience, nerd rage is more entertaining than violent :L

By  no0ne0890  |  27

the real question is what your team? mystic right gotta be. mystic 4 life! fuck instincts in particular... at least in my area we at war for the singular gym here.