By poopiemanlol - This FML is from back in 2009 but it's good stuff - Canada

Today, I realized that you should never teach your 6 year-old child how to use the microwave, unless you want to be cleaning melted pet fish for about half an hour. FML
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Lovely :| I think you need to teach your child not to kill pets!

Alice_Cullen7 0

lol, aww poor pet fish. but u should have been watching her!


Mmm...Microwaved Fish, anyone?

OP, you just made my day :D


The poor fish that sounds like a terrible way to die.

that's disgusting :( and sad

poor fish, what did he do to deserve that?

Hopefully OP doesn't own a puppy....

yummy yummy in my tummy! this is so sad tho :[

Lovely :| I think you need to teach your child not to kill pets!

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I think you need to send your child to a shrink...I think it's insane!

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lol, aww poor pet fish. but u should have been watching her!

true that I couldn't agree more

Aww, you got a young Dexter Morgan!

Sun_Kissed18 25

I love that show! For your sake OP, I hope this is wrong haha

Anyone who references Dexter has my love.

damn #11 you're super hot.

Next teach him how to use a lighter and watch the house burn down...

@starfire22 omg that is funny shit lol

He's just gonna stand there and watch them burn...

King_of_Kings 3

This is great. I laughed so much when reading this one. I got one for all of you...... My mom's friend's 4 year old niece gave her new kitten a bath. she dried him off not by toweling him but by using the microwave, The kitten exploded! (true story)

#8 that cat story is way fucked up

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There was no cat. -_-

#34 She was a four year old, you idiot. You hope she gets hit by a car? Sicko. How is that story any worse than this FML?

Because a cat can be verily easily identified to be in pain, even by a four year old, unlike a fish? I would still blame the parents more than anything though, both cases.

Castfire 0

Um, no. As others have said, you can very easily hear the cat's hissing and screeching. Also, I know a four year old and she would never even think of putting a cat in the microwave. Kids know how those work. Seriously.

That's based on an urban legend, the legend being an elderly woman not understanding a microwave, and blowing up a toy poodle while trying to dry it off. Ending you're post with (true story) makes it very obvious.

My great grandmother was doing laundry and she didn't notice her kitten climbed into the dryer. She found him when she went to take the clothes out over an hour later. Of course she is super old and not the most observant, we had to put her in an assisted living facility with in a year of this incident. She is also nearly deaf so obviously did not hear the kitten since the dryer was in the basement and she was upstairs watching TV waiting for the clothes to be done. This actually is a true story. I still feel bad for her, she brings him up sometimes and you can tell how upset she is about it. It's been years and she can't let it go.

doodlesmcnoodles 18

This actually broke my heart, I'm so sorry that happened my mom always checks for the cats when she puts stuff in the dryer, she makes sure they're nowhere near, and if she can't remember, she pushes on the clothes to make for sure. She worries because obviously cats love warm places, and because my cat used to climb into the washer and would sleep in there, we ended up starting to close the washer when we aren't putting clothes in it to keep her out.

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Well that's just great isn't it? Huh? Is it funny? That she actually put a kitten in a microwave and hell it would take quite a LONG time for the kitten to actually explode... It'd be cool if it got ran over, because that would be quick but this? You have no idea how much i want to strangle the kid right now... I'm upset because a frickin' 10 year-old used a pellet gun on my dog and now my dog is half-blind! The worse part was that my dog was bleeding and crying and whining and the kid just LAUGHED! I threw a rock at him too, and hey i can't get sued. I'm a minor. Btw, the mothers a 'tard.

Mmm. Watching a cat scratch at the glass of a microwave while it burns to death from the inside out. Children who kill animals in cruel ways turn out to be serial killers and other interesting sorts. With a fish, I'm sure its much much harder to tell, as it can't hiss and screech like a cat can.

These cat anecdotes are MAD depressing, jesus.

Oh god. As other people said, the kid would have at least heard the kitten screaming in pain. I used to have a pet rat, and around the same age as that little girl, I was putting my rat back in her cage. However, I accidently jammed her paw/hand/fingers in the door of the cage, and she screeched in pain. I went into hysterics and started crying, because I thought I'd seriously hurt her and that she would die. It was only when my mother quickly ran over and freed her, then reassured me that she was fine that I stopped crying and started to calm down. So with that said, surely the child would have heard the kitten? That story honestly makes me feel ill. & Where the hell were the parents/guardian(s) in that situation?

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#125 WHAT CAT!?

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Poor fish =(

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Normally I do not believe in child abuse and very much against it except for sick/evil kids who would do beyond horrifying things like microwave a kitten.

that has made me feel physically sick :/ what kind of person thinks that story is funny?! poor cat :( hope karma gets the sick child back

My aunt's friend's daughter had a gerbil. it had 8 babies. my aunt's friend thought they were cold and went to put them in the oven for a few seconds. she forgot about them. :( true story.

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omg!!! that's terrible!! D:

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Not really a big deal, #9...

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awww poor melted fish :( did you lick it? lol jk

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