By bish_wut - United States - Huntington Beach
Today, I was taking a quiz online called "Do Your Friends Actually Like You?" I quit after two questions because I remembered I don't actually have any friends. FML
bish_wut tells us more :
Hello, everyone! I'm the OP. I am so shocked/ excited this actually got posted! First off, thanks for all the kind comments, I smiled quite a few times haha. As for my friendless life, I am homeschooled due to many health problems I have, such as anxiety, so being home alone all day, it's quite hard to make friends. But I do realize I could do something about it instead of sitting here moaping. My birthday is in 2 days, so my sister is going to help me invite some neighbors and hopefully I can make some friends :) (#3 and #4, thanks friends :D) Thanks for the luck everyone, I think I'll definitely need it.
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  Brandi_Faith  |  33

It's unfortunate the lonely people of FML don't live in the same community, go to the same schools, jobs, etc. Then they'd all have way more friends & parties than the popular kids.

By  kikimiko  |  7

It'll be okay. But do something about it. Join a club read a book. My friend has a social disorder and that's what she did. Making friends is hard but you need to talk to people and find understanding ones Good luck!

By  9a_z1  |  11

Hey I think I started that one too and couldn't complete it either because I don't have that kinda friendship group at the moment (I've been moving a lot and my friends are scattered around). Doesn't mean you and I can't build one though, don't give up hope!