By itwasalongnight - 02/02/2014 11:32

Today, I finally received the last check from my insurance company after my house flooded 10 months ago. Tonight my house flooded again. FML
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itwasalongnight tells us more.

OP here. First of all: Yay! It got published! Second to those who say I deserve it or should move: I own my condo, so not able to move at this point. I do not live in a flood zone or swamp. Both floods have been sewage backups from blockages at least 150 feet from my condo. The one 10 months ago happened while I was at work--that was a disaster. This time my neighbors flooded (badly) on both sides. Water from one neighbor came under our shared wall. Not too bad this time and I was able to get the clean out cap off outside right away so it flowed into my backyard instead of my house. Truly an awful experience to be sure. I thank my lucky stars that I opted to cancel my plans and stay home and watch a movie... Otherwise it would have been at least as bad as last time. I'll admit... I'm afraid to put that clean clean out cap back on!

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Wow, I thought Fml was full of happy stories. -.-

What's wrong with this comment? Why so many negative votes? And why is this in the Love category?

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I gave you a thumbs up cause that does suck. Also I want to know if the house flooded because of a storm or because of plumbing issues. Cause if it's plumbing issues they need to find a better plumber

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I believe that there is a button that is relatable to your comment.... You should use it......

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Hopefully OP has some friends or someone they can stay with temporarily

Definitely time to move. I couldn't handle that...

Well they better start writing more cheques :p

68-- our friends to the north spell checks that way. I think the Brits do too. They also add a u to color and spell tire with a y instead of an I for your future reference.

Waiting for the "ZOMFG ITS 'CHECKS'" comments.

it must be fate...indoor swimming pool

Maybe if OP wants to become a flood victim via electrocution...

I think it's time for a change of scenery, OP.

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Why complain? Now you have an indoor swimming pool, live it up

Well OP at least the water is not over your head... It might be time to put those insurance checks to an indoor swimming pool though