By Anonymous - 11/9/2020 05:02

Might never happen, love

Today, I was blocked by a girl I like. She said I was mean for not understanding why she hates when people tell her to smile. I worked as a waiter and hated when people told me to smile all the time. Yet I'm the one who doesn't understand, apparently. FML
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By  BeefyQueefy  |  14

Being told to smile while you're being paid to serve people is one thing; they expect it because it is your job and you are voluntarily there. Being stopped on the street while minding your business and being told you're prettier when you smile, even though you owe them nothing is different. So no, I don't think you fully understand tbh

  Yummi_913  |  15

Yeah. Men do it to pester women thinking it's somehow flirty or some shit, and like we're just supposed to stand around and look cute and aren't allowed to have a shit day because it doesn't look appealing TO THEM. It's disrespectful, misogynistic, and aggravating as shit. I'd rate it up there with being cat called.


That's not what they are getting paid to do. They are paid to take your food order, deliver said food, provide and refill drinks and clear the table. Which they barely get paid to do.
They smile and act friendly to get tips. Which many people skimp on.