By brokeandhungry - 04/07/2013 05:18 - United States

Today, I saw a little girl digging in the gravel inside the fireworks tent I work in. After she and her family left, I went and used my foot to smooth out the mound she'd made. In doing so, I discovered that she wasn't digging, she was burying. She'd pooped. FML
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Someone needs to be potty trained :P

YOU! Don't you sh*t in my tent...


Someone needs to be potty trained :P

Maybe she was just channeling her inner feline instincts

She didn't go in her pants. I'd say she is trained.

Someone needs a leash

If she had the sense to make a whole and try to cover it up, id say shes more than potty trained.

She may not be house trained, but I'd say that she's litter trained.

If she seduces herself does that mean she's asexual?

You threw yourself in the Shit Pit there my friend, should've looked before you stepped in it...

You just discovered someone's treasure!

And one person's junk is another person's poop.

Hey, homemade manure! But, hopefully, you were able to clean it out best you could.

YOU! Don't you sh*t in my tent...

You! Don't tell me what to do!

You! I'll shit where I want to!

I bet that's shitty

Your failure of a pun was shitty

Why use the same pun to insult their pun?

Wow you guys suck with puns.

Litter box style! FYL dude.

Haha awe maybe she just really had to go?

Did her family just not notice what she was doing?!

Some parents don't seem to care what their kids get up to.

They were probably busy playing with their iPhones.