Lobster rock

By Fonzie34 - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I was lobstering. While I was getting bands, my co-worker decided it would be funny to make a lobster pinch my ear. it was a 4 pound lobster, and my ear was swollen for 5 hours. FML
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I say unleash a 6 pound one on his nuts and see how he likes it :-P

I was not aware lobster could be a verb. Learn something new every day.


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mmmmm lobster. oh yea and you should of made one pinch the other persons face

There are much more painful places where you could make a lobster pinch him....

I say unleash a 6 pound one on his nuts and see how he likes it :-P

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You guys are immature for telling him to be just like this immature dick

the two of you are terrible that was a dick move but any pain to the balls is just too much I'd rather get pinched by a lobster on the ear than anything to the balls

btw swollen for 5 hrs isn't so bad at least it wasn't swollen for days op is a fast healer I guess

snickers what a waste of good food that would be £。bster ftw

I just visualized said FML. Your co-worker was right, it WAS funny. FYEL (E for ear)

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chuck a lobster at his face! better yet, do cats enjoy lobster? if so throw a cat at him the cat should try to maul him if he smells like lobster which I'm assuming he would... awh i love how cats are so versatile, house pet to weapon in .4 seconds XD