I am a lineman for the countyyyyyy…

By Anon - 13/03/2014 00:11 - United States - Greensburg

Today, I started my first job as a power line technician. My boss's first words to me were, "I have a good feeling about you, kid!" That would've been great if he hadn't said, "Although, the last time I had a good feeling, the guy died." right afterwards. FML
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I'm sure OP will be just fine. OP's boss must have a subtle sense of humor.

Or maybe the job is just to die for? ...I'm sorry. I felt it was needed here. ^_^

OP please comment later so we know you're okay so far

My father in law is a power line tech. You have to be really really careful, he's had people die in his arms, and has to revive at least 1 person.

lol was just trying to warn him to be careful. my father in law has done it for a while and he's ok, pays well too, and if it's union the benefits are great. just play it safe.

That really sucks OP.. Good luck at the job though!

I'm sure op's boss was just kidding around

No...I'm pretty sure there's nothing awesome about creeping someone out that they're gonna die.

People who do dangerous jobs generally have a dark sense of humour. It's all good.

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"On another note, welcome to the crew!"

Yeah this was a major 'open mouth, insert foot' situation.

Welcome, and fill out your tax, life insurance and preneed funeral forms. Don't forget next of kin information.

sounds like when I joined the military, those where the best 4 years of my life...

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May the odds be never in your favor!

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You just told OP that you hope he has such bad luck that he dies like the last guy.

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#9 If english it's too much trouble, you should just give up leaving a comment. OP Your boss sounds like a line in a sitcom. Maybe it isn't true, he just wanted to be funny. On the other hand, if it's true and somebody previously died in your job, you've got nothing to worry about: you're younger, smarter and more cautious than the poor guy. Have fun!

She just misquoted hunger games. Not using bad English.

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#21: If English IS too much trouble, then maybe YOU should just give up leaving a comment. Not that I agree- just reminding you of your idea.