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Today, my dentist called and told me that the surgery to remove my wisdom teeth - which I desperately need and saved for a year to be able to afford - will actually cost nearly $2000 more than originally stated. The surgery is supposed to be in three days. FML
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Do you have 8 wisdom teeth? or just not have dental? but still $2000 extra!? go to another dentist this one is a rip off


Do you have 8 wisdom teeth? or just not have dental? but still $2000 extra!? go to another dentist this one is a rip off

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Go to Mexico to have them removed. Do plenty of research before hand. You’ll end up saving money, and it won’t be any different than having them removed here in the states.

Or Canada, depending on where you are on the map.

Do you have a written proposal for the original amount? I'd fight it,but your dentist could still refuse. Usually you'd go to an oral surgeon to get that stuff removed. Shop around for other dentist's. If your dentist couldn't tell you the correct price the first time, maybe he/she is price gouging. But maybe you have impacted teeth? More than 4? Situations can be different. Keep shopping!

Why is Healthcare so expensive in the US? I only had to pay a couple hundred for all 4 of them

Because we’re ******* idiots! We pay twice as much as the next most expensive country yet we have worse outcomes. You’d think we’d get national health insurance just for the efficiency, not to mention the social justice. Obama started us in the right direction.

Because healthcare isn't a "human right". The doctors can charge whatever they want. Plus will charge extra to cover the uninsured. That's why a cup of jello is $15

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I recently took a friend to the dentist, to get a quote to remove 4 severely impacted teeth. They referred who to an oral surgeon, who said the MAX amount for removing 4 wisdom teeth would be about 2000, total. So I'd say get your xrays and get a price quote from somewhere else.

The American healthcare system folks. 👏🏽 You can always start a Go Fund Me, aka American health insurance.

Damn that's cheap where I live there's only a hand full of oral surgeon's for a area that's bigger than 14 of the smallest state's and all of them only take cash, I'm going to have to travel several hrs to find a oral surgeon who won't charge me several grand just to fix my jaw but was only quoted for about 2 grand if I travel to Minnesota or Wisconsin in Michigan none of the surgeon's take med insurance for adults but will for kids or adults of it's a life or death emergency

well Mrs. Mallard, tell them to put it on your bill

That is much too expensive. Shop around man! Shouldn’t cost more than 300 a tooth without insurance!