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  mariri9206  |  32

Maybe do a complete fucking stop and not break the law at all.

By  Lillysar91  |  20

For someone who just had an accident because the other person wasn't abiding the rules i say served you're lucky it was just a patrol and not some pedestrian you ran into...

By  Donut_Wizard  |  23

Oh, so you're one of those assholes that has on a number of occasions nearly missed taking off the front of my car, or almost rundown my brother when he was crossing the street. But of course the rules don't apply to you, just everyone else. YDI!

By  JoviRose  |  11

I created an account just to make this comment.

A few years ago my uncle was killed by someone running a stop sign. Both cars rolled. He was not only killed instantly but his funeral had to be closed casket due to him no longer looking recognizable. He left behind two small children. The man who chose to run the stop sign (which was something he had always done) wasn't even injured. I have zero respect for someone who chooses to do this because "it's pointless." I hope you never kill someone because choosing to do something so reckless and irresponsible can destroy lives.