By Anonymous - 02/07/2016 13:39 - United States - Revere

Today, my brother set me up on a blind date. I've been single for years and he said she was a perfect match for me, so I was excited. Turned out the fucker was playing a prank. The girl was my sister, who was just as surprised as I was. FML
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Why go down the street when you can go down the hall? I'm just kidding, but that's disappointing.

Hope you two talked about ways to get him back over dinner.


Plan a dual revenge

andrmac 25

Ultimate sibling prank!

would be a sibling prank if the sibling was knowingly in on it too

just reread the post, brother peaked them both. I guess its time to relearn reading compensation, again.

hydronoxx 11


How did the date go ?

ezrajab 22

That's effed up

Did you atleast have a nice time?

TheyCallMeDamien 17

Sounds like a set up for tag team revenge to me.

So many terrible "tag team" jokes running through my head right now

That was funny but I hope you tell us how you and your sister got your brother back lol.

Brother: "So how did your 'date' go? -snickers-" You: "Pretty well! We got to like third base later." Brother: "I... Uh... What?"