First day

By notsogoodtrainee - 09/07/2015 17:02 - United States - Fargo

Today, at my first day of work, I was impressing my trainer with my skills by carrying many trays at once. Well, I could until I came around a corner and ran into a customer. With food all over his front, he introduced himself to me as the head manager. FML
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We always used to yell "corner" when walking around something with a blind spot. I bet you won't do it again.

That's why you have to yell CORNER! Every time you go around a corner.


As someone who works in a cafe, I feel for you

You don't have to carry lots of trays to impress! Just show that you can do your job well, and have a good attitude.

karcummings 19

try not to overwork yourself OP!

Talk about making a GREAT first impression. Sorry OP, better luck next time :)

No one likes a show off.

We yell "corner" when we have trays. Slow and steady is always better when it comes to trays of food! Trust me, you're better off being the cautious slow one than the one dripping customers food and pissing everyone off you know? Good luck op!

at least he wasn't actually a customer. that had the potential to be a lot worse.

91hayek 31

Maybe he was standing around that corner as a test. Wouldn't put it past some people.

Well it's your first day...they should let it slide

the first impression is the ever lasting.