By problemchild - 02/11/2009 21:05 - United States

Today, I went to a family counseling session because my parents are getting a divorce. I told the counselor that I feel guilty because I feel like I caused it. She says that there is no way I could have caused it, that it's my parents' problem when my mom interrupts her to say, "Yes she did." FML
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kids are never the cause of a divorce. the parents just suck

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I've heard of this happening sometimes when the wife becomes jealous of the attention that the father pays to the daughter.


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Seriously - your mom is an immature idiot. Don't believe her bullshit.

I think we see the cause for the divorce. Unless he is as retarded as your mother, think about staying with him.

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your mom is a bitch. it's not your fault.

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your mom is a bitch. it's not your fault.

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Your mother is deffering the blame, which is most likely the cause for the divorce, not you. What probably happened is that the divorce was going to happen, and all three of you subconsciously knew it. Chances are, there was an increase in fighting, which left an imprint on you. You started to act out, which is natural considering it happens in most divorces where there's a kid involved, and that caused more fights. It's still early in the therapy, yes? Stop blaming yourself and let it go its natural course. Chances are your mother will realize her fuckups and feel like a complete bitch. If not...well...she's just plain psycho and you need to rid yourself of her fast.

If your mom blames the reason on YOU, then it's definitely HER fault. XD

what a bitch, what i'd like to know is what the counsellor said

while i believe the mom is a complete bitch for this, does noone else think that its retarded how the girl is like its my fault...but gets pissed when the mom agrees? ppl always blame themself just to hear others argue...its kinda annoying

i don't think she was pissed, probably more heartbroken... i would be pretty sad if my mom said something like that, anyway

that is very true. seriously..what kind of mom says that to their daughter? **** her hahaha

u should pbrly choose to live wit yr dad after that remark

your moms a bitch and needs to take responsibility of her actions...

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that sucks! I'm sorry go tell your mom to go sit in shit.

kids are never the cause of a divorce. the parents just suck

I call bullshit. Children are ******* annoying, I can see 1000x's how they could break up a perfectly happy relationship/marriage. People who say the children aren't to blame, honestly either don't have kids or have never been married.

I still see the parents being to blame in almost all of those cases because they weren't able to parent their children responsibly, unless in the case of a special needs child.

That may be true, but what kind of asshole parent actually tells the kid it's their fault? I think in many cases, these couples would've gotten a divorce somewhere down the road anyway, regardless of kids.

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Morokea, potential parents should consider the possibility of getting someone needing even more help than a "normal" kid before getting any. If they can't accept such a possibility, they should skip kids or adopt someone. White667, people who can't handle kids shouldn't get kids. It's easy enough to avoid. OP: How did your dad react to this? You might want to consider cutting off your mom, as others have said. Hopefully your dad is a better human than she is.

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White667 you are a prick. It is never the child's fault for the divorce unless they committed murder or some horrible crime. Also special needs children are not at fault because they cannot help their needs. If your child is that bad, like super autistic or you are unable to care for it, there are schools you can pay or have a nurse take care of it. It is never the child's fault that their parents don't know how to ******* work their problems out.

Maybe you shouldn't have kids then. That way everybody can live happily ever after, asshole.

Wow that was really heartless fyl you suck

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That is just wrong of your mom to say. It really probably isn't your fault; so don't blame yourself! And especially don't listen to your mom on that!

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I LOVE MY LIFE. im so amazing. i cant even look at myself.

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I've heard of this happening sometimes when the wife becomes jealous of the attention that the father pays to the daughter.

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that actually makes a lot of sense :)

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Your mom could have just been tryinb to spite you. Though I'm not sure why. Anyway, sorry :( I'm sure you really didn't do anything to cause their marriage to fail.

It seems to me it's probably not your fault, but rather your mom's fault for sucking at life and being awful.

That was uncalled for by your mom... FYL I bet it wasn't your fault at all.

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Sounds like your mom is a Bitch and the world has to revolve around her. Best thing you can do is convince your dad to go thru with the divorce. Save his Soul! Good Luck to you also!

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wow your mom must be a real bitch or maybee shes so upset she just needs someone to blame but in any case i agree with others save your dads life :)