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Is he a QAnon guy?


these political arguments are why I don't open Facebook any more.

samomaha 17

Me too, Lev. FB is just not worth all the arguments and attacks. I'm told by friends that this year has been excrutiatingly painful there.

People like your dad are why you should never read the comment section online. (As I post this in the comments section.)

Yes, but when there's a good chance that one of my golden comments is going to be there, it's worth the risk!

Is he a QAnon guy?

Is your father the British Prime Minister?

sorry you're father is a Democrat.

Probably. We all know what Republicans eat for breakfast. Look at Mitch McConnell's smile.

everyone is being so judgemental or associating him with a political party. bunch of poo eaters smh

Tell your dad I fart in his general direction.