By Anonymous - United States - Rahway

Double dipping

Today, I found out that I mean nothing to the man I have loved for over a year. He has been taking vacations with another woman, and is in fact, on a vacation with her right now. FML
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By  Morgan Kwn  |  19

Perfect definition of a douche. Sorry OP. I know you’ve probably heard/read this already but you’re better off without him. All the best for the future


You don't know that. OP only says she loves him, and she means nothing to him. There is no way you can infer that he's a douche until she specifically says he's cheating on her. Dude could have seen OP as a friend, or merely someone he vaguely knows exists, and is living his life separate from hers because she hasn't told him how she feels, or he could just not be into her.