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By thefuck - 30/06/2013 22:08 - Ireland - Ballyjamesduff

Today, my house was egged while I went out shopping. When I told my dad about it, he immediately and casually admitted to being the one who did it, asking, "You got a fucking problem with that, son?" I don't know if he's just messing with my head, or if he really did do it. FML
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Well, do you have a problem with it?

Egg his car. Reply the same way. Wait for results. (Warning: I am in no way liable to any injuries sustained during the course of action recommended above.)


Well, do you have a problem with it?

Omg, I'm the first reply to the first comment. I dunno what to say. HI MOM

I've had my house egged a few times recently and I can tell you that I'd have a huge ******* problem with it if it were my dad.

The question here though is, does his dad have a problem with him having a problem?

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OP should have just said, "No, I don't have a problem with it." Then got naked, took out the eggs from his groceries he just bought and started breaking them all over his body while moaning. Problem solved.

#32 Why do I feel like you have no pride for your dignity?

#38 why do I feel like you can't take a hilarious joke?

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I would be egg-static if my dad told me that.

Well aren't irish men always drunk?

Well, someone's a stereotyping dick.

I think his head is the one that's messed up

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Or he's got a good sense of humor?

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Maybe he's going through a midlife crisis whether he did it or not. Sorry op :/

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Um, what grown ass man takes the time and money to egg their grown ass child's house and then responds like that when only being told and not accused?

Egg his car. Reply the same way. Wait for results. (Warning: I am in no way liable to any injuries sustained during the course of action recommended above.)

Why only egg? Why not include all the components of a healthy breakfast? I say OP eggs, pancakes, bacons, butters, sausages, and syrups his dad's car.

If its as hot there as it is here you could just throw the ingredients on the car and the sun would just cook it into a lovely breakfast for him.

bfsd42 20

Op is Irish. So a breakfast is sausage, rashers, eggs, black and white pudding, fried tomato and soda bread.

TheDrifter 23

Don't the Irish do sauteed/pan fried mushrooms? Breakfast isn't complete without mushrooms, you can keep the black and white pudding though.

Yes the bacon, be smothered in layers of crispy, heart-attack inducing pork, what a way to go...

Zimmington 21

Eat the bacon just use bologna instead it'll rip the paint off on a hot day

myoukei 31

Show him that you do by TPing his house. Bam! Friendly prank war started.

Whatever it is, you probably sholdn't egg him on at all, or else the yoke will be ok you. Although if he did, then it's not all-white; he needs to show a little more shell-f restraint.

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He was probably hatching his plan for awhile...

perdix 29

That's an eggs-cellent yolk!

The puns on this FML are becoming a bit eggcessive.

perdix 29

#17, yes, but they're eggs-tremely popular with all but the most hard-boiled readers who recognize the yolks are not original, but poached.

The yolks may have been poached, but I think we could all Benedict from it. Omelet you decide.