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Sorry that I have not commented. I didnt realize it was actually posted. My Ex-fiance said that I look and act like Hinata Hyuuga (shippuden?) from Naruto. He even bought me her jacket and asked me to wear it whenever we go out. He said when he met me all he saw was a real live Hinata and he "couldnt pass up that. especially that chest"
By Anonymous - / Monday 15 November 2010 00:56 / United States
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Ahhh I gotcha now. Haha sorry it's late over here and my brain is out of sorts. I didn't know that many other people were aware those freaky cartoons existed. But then again, my brains functioning at half it's capacity at the moment. Who knows :)

By  FYLDeep  |  25

Must mean you have ginormous eyes, an almost nonexistent nose, and a horribly high-pitched and whiny voice. If you can find a guy who likes that, then congrats.

  Suppercut  |  0

Why does everyone stereotype anime like this? Seriously, there are anime that go far from this stereotype like...Damn, I forget the guy's name. I think he did Ghost in the Shell? IDK, can't remember. Gotta agree though, FYL, you're his waifu now XD

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