By Miserable person - 10/9/2019 18:00

Choosing Beggars

Today, after spending 5+ hours of my life painting a portrait of someone's cat for them, I finally finished it, perfect condition, no mistakes. I was supposed to be paid 300 bucks for it. Got 50 bucks because it was too "vibrant." FML
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By  Leviathene  |  32

I've commissioned art a few times in the last year and I always pay up-front and I trust the artist to do the work I've paid for. You need to protect yourself as an artist, because people do steal art and make up bullshit in order to get out of paying for stuff. Next time you do a commission, please send the customer an invoice and progress shots to make sure they are happy with how the art is looking, this way you can make changes before its too late and the customer has no excuse not to pay the agreed amount.

By  chyiochan  |  28

Contracts AND Half upfront once basic design sketch is planned with buyer. If the buyer picked a style, and your style is exactly the same, this is when the contract comes in and you get to do some small claims court! I'm sorry.