What a treat

By Anonymous - 17/02/2017 15:00 - United States - Sainte Genevieve

Today, I asked if my friend wanted to come meet my dog and give him a treat. We were walking to my back yard, her holding 3 hot dogs, when she said, "I think your dog is dead!" I said, "No, he's just old and sleeps all the time and won't wake up until you pet him because he's deaf." He was dead. FML
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I always wonder, who clicks YDI and thinks that the OP deserved that their dog died.

D: that's awful! I'm so sorry OP. Losing a pet is exactly like losing a best friend for pet owners. I hope you're ok and hopefully you carry good memories of him so in the future you can think of him and be happy.


What happened to the hot dogs?

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I'm sorry OP. It's always hard to lose a beloved pet. Our dog, Kiba, was currently diagnosed with cancer. It's a difficult thing to deal with

Sorry for your loss dude.

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I feel so bad, if that happened to my dog I don't know what I'd to, and sorry I accidentally hit the YDI button but I promise it was an accident

Thank you to all of you, he had a good life, we got him at 8 weeks, and he was 17, we've know it would happen soon, we just didn't want it too

I'm so sorry OP :(

Sounds like you gave him a good life. RIP

Sorry for your loss OP

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That's Amazing!!